At the end of April 2019,at CHP-1 an annual football tournament was held among the shop teams of CHP-1,in the area of CREO-1 of the “Energoremont” PRP and USSO=Management of the specialized security service "(MSSS). This sports competition has become traditional.




8 national teams fought hard for winning places. According to the results of 8 matches, the winners were:

1st place - the team of the boiler shop of CHP-1;

2nd place - team Shop for Thermal Automation and Measurements (STAI);

3rd place - the team of the turbine shop CHP-1.


- Love for football is in the bloodofguys, the ball is still calling on the field. The tournament is held annually. Every time it is a new meeting with old friends, with rivals and new sensations. The participants are laid out in full, - commented on the game AlibekTastanbekov, deputy manager for the provision of CHP-1.

All players and team-prizers were awarded diplomas, cups andvaluable prizes.