Laboratory assistant of CHP-3 about family and everyday life: “We’re not late to school, we have time to prepare and clean up the house, we don’t upset dad,” says Kamshat Omarova,mother of many children and laboratory assistant of chemical analysis of the third category of CHP-3 of AlES JSC.

Многодетная семья

Kamshat tells about children and her husband with a smile, as if remembering the face of each member of her friendly and noisy family. “Once we went to an entertainment center in Almaty. All the children at once wanted to go to the restroom - as often happens in large families.

So, after we began to pour out a long procession outside - all the children, and then me. We were waiting for my husband. A surprised man addressed him and asked: "Oh, friend is it all yours?" The spouse confirmed, and then the stranger began to talk about how nice it is to have a large family, many children. That he and his wife have been living for 12 years, but there are still no babies. He had such sad eyes, already his heart was breaking. He gave apples all my children. At first we refused, but then I thought, why offend a person? She thanked and wished all the best, and about herself to the big family. Still, this is a great happiness - children, ”added the interlocutor.


Многодетная семья


Kamshat is only 33 years. She has four daughters and the youngest,a son,. “As in all Kazakh families, we also waited too long a son. Especially husband. When Janserik was born, all relatives came to the discharge. He is now two years old. A real batyr is growing, ”says Kamshat.

A young mother has been working at CHP-3 since August 2012, it seems her work interesting for her, and the main thing is most important. She works with chemical reagents, carries out analyzes - in general, does everything so that coal is “clean”, without impurities, and not polluting the environment. “We have a friendly team. In production, of course, there are more men, but here, in the laboratory,only the female . It’s good, because ladies understand that being a mother is very difficult. If necessary , they will replace and help.

Our company has a good interchangeability system, ” shares the interlocutor. If her colleagues help out at work, then her husband and her mother-in-law help at home. “My husband works in shifts. Day works, and two days off. Therefore, when he is at home, he always helps me with the children. And he puts to sleep and feed, he reads fairy tales, he even changes diapers to babies. When it is necessary, he will stand in the queue at the hospital, almost always he carries the kids in the kindergarten and back.

And, of course, my mother-in-law. We live together. She is in retirement, she loves children very much, therefore, when my spouse and I are at work, we leave our children to her. It was so funny - she herself has four daughters and one son. Such an interesting coincidence. Maybe, our Zhanserikwill also have five children, who knows ... ”, smiles Kamshat. Kamshat’s elder children are already schoolgirls and have been at her mothers work. They liked at CHP. Especially since they came to celebrate the New Year, which means Santa Claus with gifts met them near the Christmas tree. “The elder loves my company also because our union last summer sent her to a camp near Almaty. She came tanned, rested, full of impressions, ”Omarova says. Kamshat loves her work, the team and, of course, her big friendly family. According to her, you can bring up 10 and 15 children, if you are surrounded by caring, attentive and understanding people. Just like
her house and in thecompany.

Anel Abulkhairova