On April 19, 2019, white birch trees were planted in the “Edelweiss” childrens camp. This year, the company continued the tradition of tree planting with the chief engineers of JSC“AlES.”

- It’s a good thing, planting trees in the childrens camp. This is a good idea, of course, I support it, - shared chief engineer CHP-3, Viktor Bezruk,.

“A warm spring day, a great mood and time spent with colleagues is a great start to the weekend. This makes me very happy, because we planted trees for our children, ”said DaniyarMamaev, chief engineer of the PRP “Energoremont”.

“ Last year, we began the tradition of planting trees in a childrens camp. All our seedlings have taken root and grown strong. Now the first leaflets are turning green on them. I hope that in a few years there will be a beautiful alley, ”said BisembekSabyrkulov, Managing Director of the Hydroelectric System Cascade.

This year, 24 trees were planted. In just two years, 44 linden seedlings, birch trees and apple trees were planted in the “Edelweiss” childrens camp.