On April 18, 2019, in the days of the spring holiday "Nauryz", a friendly football match was held between the teams of the production departments of the Cascade HPP and CHPP-1. The match was organized on the initiative of the Managing Directors of the Cascade of Hydroelectric Power Stations – B.A. Sabyrkulovand CHP-1 - I.A.Syrgabaeva, to prepare for the tournament among the departments of JSC “AlES,” maintaining a healthy lifestyle, festive mood and strengthening the team spirit in JSC “AlES.”

It was a great addictive game, the players of both teams were worthy of each other. Players and their fans got a lot of positive emotions from the match.

After the game, CHPP-1 and Cascade HPP teams shook their hands firmly and congratulated the whole friendly team of JSC“AlES” on the holiday "Nauryz". They wished each of them a lot of brightness, warmth, kindness and trouble-free work.