In Astana, a meeting of the Youth Council of the group of companies of “Samruk-Kazyna” JSC (hereinafter referred to as the Fund) was held. The event was attended by over 150 activists of the Fund's portfolio companies: “Samruk-Kazyna” JSC,” Samruk-Energy” JSC, “KEGOC” JSC, “Air Astana” JSC, “NK Kazatomprom” JSC, “Kazakhtelecom” JSC, and “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy ”, “Kazpost” JSC, “Kazmunaygas” JSC, “Zhas Orken”,” NGK “Tau Ken Samruk” JSC, “Samruk-Kazyna Contract” and “Samruk Kazyna Trust”. “Almaty Electric Power Stations” JSC was represented by Fariza Botakaraeva, the chairman of the youth organization “Zharkyn Bolashak”.

The event was initiated by the Center for Social Interaction and Communication (CSIC) with the support of the Foundation.

- Today we were gathered in the beautiful Congress Hall on the territory of “EXPO”. When I was at this exhibition, I asked myself what would happen next with these buildings? I wonder what for they will use? I think that I received an answer to my question,- shared Fariza Botakaraeva, chairman of the youth organization “Zharkyn Bolashak.” As soon as we entered the hall, we met familiar people who had been participating in many youth events for several years. The Foundation gathers leaders at least once a year. We have the opportunity to share experiences, we discuss, tell and share ...

Everyone knows that not all companies have a youth policy. I can proudly say that the Youth Organization “Zharkyn Bolashak” of “AlES” JSC is the leader among the subsidiaries and affiliates of “Samruk-Energo” JSC. We are already 6 years. I thank our guys who are actively involved everywhere and in everything. I appreciate and remember every moment ...

The event consisted of two blocks: "Digitization: a ticket to the future or an illusion?" and "It’s good where we are."

In the block "Digitalization: a ticket to the future or an illusion?" speakers were from the composition of the young leaders of the Fund. They presented their methods, told what technologies are used in their work. Digitalization makes life as easy as possible for us, making it possible to save our time. We can quickly get the necessary help, any kinds of services at the right time, without leaving home, through a smart phone. It is enough to register a phone number once, to receive a digital signature, etc. They also said that today in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the e-government has more than 450 types of automated services, and this is only the beginning. Digitalization is evolving every day and the number of users is growing. The speakers urged the youth to digitize themselves and set an example to the rest of the citizens of Kazakhstan. If we talk about digitalization, then, separately, I want to say thanks to the portal

I liked the second block most of all: “It’s good, where we are,” spoke Talgat Kaliev. He is the head of the scientifical-research center "Youth", a well-known political scientist, candidate of political sciences - continued Fariza Botakaraeva.

- I see that a lot of our young people work in the OUN structures, Wall Street and in Silicon Valley. Is it bad that our young people realize themselves there? Unfortunately, today we don’t have enough niches in the economy to give them all the opportunity for self-realization, -said Talgat Kaliev. - Moreover, all of them are on the consular register, they all keep Kazakhstan passports, all are planning to return home in the future. If they gain experience there today, working in the corporate sector, I think that in the future they will contribute to the development of our country. On the other hand, it is bad that our young people migrate from our country. For example, about 7,000 young people leave Kazakhstan, in search of work, where they can implement their family.

He also stressed that he appreciates such people who can effectively use and properly allocate time. He also shared joking that when he invites young specialists for an interview, he records the time. If the candidate is late or arrives ahead of time, then the young specialist has a reduced chance of getting a job. He appreciates his and others' time. According to him, each person should use time effectively not only in work, but also in routine life, too.

In the afternoon we fought in the intellectual game - Prime Games. The game was attended by 14 teams. The game consisted of three rounds. The format reminded me of the game “What? Where? When?". Our colleagues often play games like “TOP Brain”. In 2018, we spent in Almaty among the SDOs of the Foundation. We are planning to hold another in 2019. According to the results of the game, the team of “Samruk-Kazyna” JSC -took the first place, “Air Astana” JSC - took the second place, “KEGOC” JSC -took the third place.

The head of the center noted that the World Health Organization has published new age rules, according to them the number of young people include people under 44 years old. He also highlighted the program "Zhas Orken", which prepares new, young future leaders. Perhaps in 10 years they may be in the numbers of the management teams of our large companies in the country.

- CSIC knows how to organize large-scale events. The team of Erbol Amangeldievich literate, positive and talented young professionals who are masters of their craft. Everything is cohesive and well organized. We were witnesses at the first youth export advisory council in Shymkent, which was held in 2018. Today's event is a continuation. Everyone especially remembers DJ Adilkhan.

95% of those present in the hall were shocked by the skill of Adilkhan. I think that to be such a super resourceful DJ was not destined to everyone, - shared her impressions Fariza Botakaraeva.
2019 is the Year of Youth in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Large-scale events, programs and projects are planned in all regions of Kazakhstan. The youth organization “Zharkyn Bolashak” will participate in them and work for the wellness of the country.

Fariza Botakaraeva

Chairman of the youth organization "Zharkyn Bolashak"