On March 7, 2019, activists of the youth organization “Zharkyn Bolashak” of “AlES” JSC, traditionally, congratulated the women who have more children on the International Women's Day - March 8th .

- Today we congratulated  women who have more children with a spring holiday. Nowadays it is rare to have a lot of children. Our mothers always take care of us. On this day, and my mom has a special day. She has the opportunity to rest from the kitchen, - shared Korkemzhan Rashiduly, an activist of a youth organization, a leading engineer of the SR PDP “Energoremont”.

- From early morning we congratulate all the women. We are trying to make a festive atmosphere. We ,men without women are nothing. Without them, life would be gray. Lovely ladies beatify our lives. May our women always be beautiful, healthy, happy and charming. Our dear women, always remain to be  so beautiful, blooming, let your smiles delight and inspire us ”, - sincerely congratulated Valeriy Sitdikov, chairman of the public association“ Energy Union ”.

Fariza Botakaraeva

Chairman of the Municipal Organization "Zharkyn Bolashak"