On March 8, 2019, activists of the youth organization “Zharkyn Bolashak” of “AlES” JSC held a charity event for girls-pupils of Children's Home No. 1 in Almaty.

- Every year we congratulate our girls on a wonderful women's day. Since 2013, the activists of “Zharkyn Bolashak” have regularly held charity events for children of Orphanage No. 1. Today, we all watched the film “In Search of Mom-2” and had lunch,- said Fariza Botakaraeva, chairwoman of the Municipal Organization “Zharkyn Bolashak”, noted. - I am very pleased that the number of pupils in an orphanage is getting smaller. In 2013, there were about 150 children in the orphanage, then today in 2019 there were 65 children. Today, 26 girls and 39 boys aged from 8 to 18 are brought up in the orphanage. For 6 years, we have seen different fates of children, parents took away their children, having restored parental rights, some of them are at the age of 18, moved into an adult home, and some of others are adopted by adoptive parents.

As we were told by the staff of the orphanage, the process of adopting children is as follows: first, trust is established between the child and those who want to adopt, then is established by law for foster care for a period of 1 year, after a positive result, adoptive parents submit an application to the court and by court decision can adopt children and get full custody of the child. The guardianship authorities thoroughly verify compliance with the requirements of adoptive parents. Restoration of parental rights occurs in the same way, ”Fariza Botakaraeva continued. - I would especially like to note that at the very beginning of our patronage (patronage) we underwent a complicated official procedure for allowing children to visit. But these difficulties are left behind. Now we have established a warm trusting relationship with the guys.

“We were very pleased to spend the day surrounded by children. I love them very much. It was easy for me to communicate with children, we immediately found a common language. The children are very sociable, funny and friendly, ”-said Қainar Shylgaubai, an activist of the youth organization “ Zharkyn Bolashak ”, an electrician of UTAI-1 PRP “Energoremont”.

- Last year I visited the orphanage for the first time. And from that moment on, the desire to help the children did not leave me. I thought about it and came to the idea that to spend money on unnecessary things, I would rather help people in need. The guys and I always try to help people in a difficult situation (collection for treatment, purchase of necessary goods, products, things, etc.) It’s pleasant  to see the children’ smile on the faces of children. I am very glad that we’re able to organize a holiday for girls, -said Tamirlan Akhmetzhan, an activist of the youth organization“ Zharkyn Bolashak ”, a mechanic at the turbine workshop of URTO-2 PRP“ Energoremont”.

Dear colleagues, if you wish to help children of an orphanage, then you can contact our youth organization “Zharkyn Bolashak” to Fariza Botakaraeva, the lead software engineer of the “Energoremont” PRP.

Fariza Botakaraeva

Chairman of the Municipal Organization "Zharkyn Bolashak”