At the Kapshagay HPP, the repair campaign for 2019 began as early as in January. Kapshagay hydroelectric station is called the pearl of the Ile Alatau. It generates electrical energy, providing about 6400 nine-storied, 100-apartment buildings with light. This imposes a special responsibility on the HPS team. Repair work is carried out without delay according to the approved schedule. Now the work is in full swing. According to the approved equipment repair schedule, from February 11 to February 28, 2019, the hydraulic unit No. 1 was stopped to repair the main components and auxiliary equipment.

Now a major overhaul of hydro unit No. 2 is in progress; after it, routine repairs of hydro units No. 3 and No. 4 are planned. Repair of auxiliary plant-wide equipment is carried out as scheduled. The current repair of buildings and structures of the waterworks is coming.

Equipment repair is carried out by the  personnel staff of the station  electric machine shop. The repair company requires special responsibility from power engineers, full dedication, competent approach to solving daily tasks and high professionalism.