Transformation project team on the introduction of a new organizational structure conducted a training seminar for the HR departure JSC "AlES".

 At the communication meeting were considered new approaches to the description of the posts of specialists of the station.

The project includes work on the revision of job instructions descriptions (hereinafter - JI) for AlES employees. The project team explained in detail how the job description differs from the JI.

«You should understand that the job description gives you the opportunity to assess the weight of only the position, but not the person. The position must have value and contribution for the effective work of the company. Accordingly, its level of payment may change, which will be approved by the «Samruk-Energo» Board»,- said Kseniya Berdnik, a member of the project team.

Job instruction description looks different than standard job position description. The document includes such items as: goals, key performance indicators for positions, which are described in the company's development strategy (financial and non-financial), qualification requirements, which include skills, knowledge, experience, and key areas of responsibility. The project team explains that this innovation will allow for a more objective assessment of the position and develop a grade system.

During the working meeting, the project team conducted an interview with the Chairman of the Board of AlES and his deputies. As a result, drafts of job descriptions were prepared. The final documents will be reviewed by the members of the Board of Samruk-Energy until May of this year.

«Conducting interviews with AlES managers brings a clear reflection of the area of responsibility and the identification of key problems. And the presence of communicative meetings will allow to correctly form the job descriptions»,- says Ksenia Berdnik.