On March 7, 2019 year “Almaty Power Plants”JSC awarded 11 female workers with Certificates of Honor for high production success, excellent work in Almaty Energy System and in honor of the International Women's Day on March 8.

      To get a certificate on the most wonderful day of spring was an unexpected surprise for me, -shared Laura Kusmoldinova, chief specialist of the Documentary Support Department. - It is very nice when you work and understand that your work is not in vain, you feel your realization as a specialist. And it is twice pleasant when your colleagues appreciate your work. I have been working in the company since 2008 and I love my job very much. I am proud of that I work precisely in the workflow department - in the company's bloodstream. After all, any activity is reflected in the documents, whether it is management, finance or production. Taking this opportunity, I want to congratulate all the beautiful ladies on the International Women's Day, the spring holiday -8th March! I wish you happiness, creative achievements and self-realization, well-being, good health, success in work, love and always a good mood!

      Kulyaim Almataevna Sarsenova has been working at CHP-3 for more than 16 years. Now she works as a machinist on boiler equipment.

      On the eve of women's holiday – 8th March, it is traditional to give gifts, -shared with her joy, Kulyaim Sarsenova .- It’s real marvelous to receive recognition from colleagues on such a wonderful day. My wonderful colleagues, you are the one, to whom I trust, how to understand and support, you are the team in which you want to work with and share your happy times. Thank you for all your help and the necessary jolts, your tips and inspiration. I sincerely wish you all great happy accomplishments for every day of your life. Thank you for your understanding, your trust and humanity attitude!

     -I came to AlES in 1992 as a cargo and baggage picker. Now I am a machinist of pumping units of the 4th category of the Western Thermal Complex, -said Natalya Mikhailovna Ossina. - 27 years flew like an instant, during this time I learned a lot. I will thank everyone who supported me in my work. I am very grateful that on this spring day my work was so highly appreciated. I’m very pleased as a woman and as an employee.

      The six retired employees of JSC “AlES”, who retired were awarded with the title of Honorary “Veteran of Energy of Kazakhstan Electric Power Association”.

       Today, on the eve of the spring holiday on March 8, I want to thank “AlES” JSC for not forgetting retired women, - said Alla Yevstafevna Gorbunova, a veteran of KEA CHP-3. - After entering the well-deserved rest, I began to feel unususal life. For a long time I could not get used to not going to work. But, all by itself, somehow it calmed down. The garden and the vegetable garden dragged me down completely. I plunged my head into a new hobby. I grow flowers, various trees and bushes. As it is now called, I’m doing active recreation. I am grateful for the support which you provide to energy veterans. Thank you for appreciating my contribution to the development of CHP-3 and energy in general.

      Dariya Shaizhanova, Head of the Human Resources Department and Zoya Arzyukova, Head of the Ecology Service, were awarded Certificates of Honor from the Territorial Association of the Trade Union "Trade Union Center of the City of Almaty".

     Such congratulations of women are already becoming as a tradition, because with their many years of dedicated work and fruitful work, our colleagues made a feasible contribution to the development of not only AlES, but also the entire energy sector of the region.

    The men of AlES congratulated the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity on the International Women's Day -8th March, they wish and wanted to, that women always adorn life, give warmth, kindness and light for surroundings.