51 employees of AlES helped 102 residents of Almaty

       At the beginning of March 2019, the action “Become a Donor and Save Life” was held at “Almaty Electric Power Plants” JSC. Altruism, sympathy and kindness are the basis of voluntary blood donation. According to statistics, every third person in his life needs a blood transfusion. The moving visited team of the Republican Blood Center visited CHPP-1 and at the head office of JSC “AlES”, which produced blood sampling from everyone . 51 employees of company voluntarily donated blood.

       - If my blood saves the life of one person, I will be very happy. I know that artificial blood substitutes have side effects and cannot fully repoduce all the functions of the blood in the body, so I donate blood all the time, -shared Aisulu Irzhanova, chief specialist of the Office for Reliability Control and Labor Protection.

       Donated blood is almost indispensable for the transfusion of burn victims, when performing complex operations. Blood is also vital for patients with hemophilia, anemia and cancer patients during chemotherapy.

       Each person has about 4.5-5.5 liters of blood. Approximately one tenth is taken from the donor - 450 ml. By donating blood, every single person contributes to helping others in emergency situations. It is planned to conduct a departure of the brigade of the Republican Blood Center to all departments of “AlES” JSC.