At the end of January and the beginning of February 2019 at CHP-1, annual watch-keeping meetings were held, where the station management reported to the team, summing up the work of the department for 2018.

At the meeting, the heads of departments reported to 2018. So, Sergey Mikhailovich Skvortsov, head of the production and technical department, noted that the results of the year the power generation of the plant amounted to 386 mln. kWt, the generation of heat energy was 1302 thousand Gcal, Maya I. Alimbetova, the head of the economic department focused on the total expenses of the company for the year, which amounted to 9 358.1 million tenge, i.e. 96% of approved by department budget. The senior inspector for the technical operation of the power plant, Alexander Anatolyevich Kan, in his report gave information on technological violations, on the total costs of labor protection measures, which amounted to 35.9 million tenge and on cases of occupational injuries. Chief Engineer of CHP-1, Aleksey Andreevich Kim, conducted a review on repairs and condition of equipment of CHP-1.

The managing director of the department, Isakhan Aktanovich Syrgabayev, summed up the results, thanked his colleagues for the successful work done in the past year and wished all the staff health, trouble-free operation at the station and success in their work.