Lemon- a citrus fruit which has a rich history that goes into the deep past. The exact homeland of lemon is unknown, historians think that it might be the foothills of the Himalayas. The first mention of lemons dates back to 2000 BC. Later the lemon tree fell into Mesopotamia, and from there to the countries of Asia and Europe. Today, about 14 million tons of lemons are collected annually in the world. The leaders are India and Mexico (approximately 16% of the world crop each).

Limonary Kapshagay HPP - a mini greenhouse with a rich history dating back to the 90s.

- On the initiative of the Managing Director of the Kapshagay HPP, Viktor Andreyevich Ivanov, in 1996, the first saplings of lemons from a plant seed plot and fruit trees were brought to the station. Seedlings were still young and fragile trees. They brought different varieties of lemons, among which were both thick-skinned and thin-skinned. Unfortunately, not all varieties have got accustomed, but nevertheless, gradually year after year, thanks to care and careful observation, the trees gained strength, sprouted and gradually became fruit bearing trees. There was a lot of trouble associated with transplanting and grafting, - shared Galina Yegorovna Kozhushko, a cleaner of industrial premises, who had been caring for trees for many years with great love. Having invaluable experience in the care of citrus Galina Yegorovna carefully monitors the state of the lovely trees with healthy fruits.

The exact date of the appearance of the first lemon at the Kapshagai hydroelectric station is unknown. Currently, 9 lemons annually bear fruit (collect up to 90 pieces) and gratify the workers of the station with their fragrant fruits, improve their health and mood.