“Almaty Power Stations” JSC: investments into reliability and development of production

In accordance with the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Electric power industry”, “Almaty power stations” JSC signed an Agreement on investment commitments for 2014 in the amount of 5937.9 million tenge with the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The investment program of “AlES” JSC, aimed at maintenance of the current level of production of energy sources, reconstruction and modernization of existing assets, the implementation of environmental protection measures, the implementation of energy conservation measures.
Within the framework of the Agreement, the following main activities are planned, including:
I. Measures, directed to the increasing of production volumes:

  1.  clearing the river bed in the downstream of Kapchagay HPP. The implementation of the project will allow to generate the electric power additionally at average of 16 million kWh per year;
  2.  Reconstruction and expansion of Almaty CHP-1 with transfer to natural gas and installation of the CCGT/GTP. This project will allow to reduce the impact of the station to environment of the city due to the full transfer of CHP-1 to natural gas burning. The planned implementation period is 2013-2016;
  3.  The reconstruction and modernization of HPP-1, HPP-2. The project realization will permit to additionally generate the electric power of about 39 million kWh per year. The planned implementation period is 2013-2017;

II. Measures directed to the reduction of production cost:

  1.  The building of their own water intakes on CHP-1, CHP-2, which will reduce the costs of water for technological needs of the stations.

III. Measures directed to the maintenance of the current production level:

  1.  Reconstruction of electrical facilities on CHP-1, CHP-2, CHP-3, Kapchagay HPP, Hydroelectric Power Chain;
  2.  Reconstruction of support equipment on CHP-1, CHP-2, CHP-3, Kapshagay HPP;
  3.  Reconstruction and construction of buildings and structures of CHP-3, Kapshagai HPP, Almaty Hydroelectric Power Chain and the Head office;
  4.  Technical measures for protection of objects on CHP-3, Almaty Hydroelectric Power Chain, etc.

IV. Construction of ash dumps:
- Reconstruction of the combined ash-and-slag removal system of CHPP-2;
- Reconstruction and expansion of an ash dump of CHPP-3.
V. Environmental protection actions:
- Modernization of burner assemblies of CHPP-2 boilers;
- Elimination of artesian wells of CHPP-3.
“Almaty Power Stations” JSC is a part of “Samruk-Energy” JSC. Almaty Power Stations are the main energy source of the Almaty region and provides about 70% of the heat of district heating areas and 72% of electricity.
The power complex of “AlES” JSC includes CHP plant 1, CHP plant 2, CHP plant 3, West Heat complex, Kapchagay HPP, Almaty Hydroelectric Power Chain, Industrial Repair Company “Energoremont”, FRDC.