The DYNASTY OF PROFESSIONALS of Power industry is a special caste of the employees realizing their responsibility for life support of Almaty

As experts say if once you have come to work at combined heat and power plant, then, most likely, the power industry will become a part of your life. Therefore, there is nocoincidence that employees work at the “Almaty Power Stations” JSC productions for years and even by entire generations.
And the heroine of our story – the duty electrician of the main control panel of CHPP-1 Roza Hayrushina is from the family of hereditary power engineering specialists.

Her father Gaziz Halimovich Hayrushin came first to work at CHPP-1.
He stood at the origins of construction of the station. In 1937, he was drafted into the army, and in few years, the Great Patriotic War began. – He went through the war, – Roza Hayrushina remembers. – He returned in a rank of the major and went to work at CHPP-1 again. There were four children in the family and as we lived nearby, so we brought a lunch to our father quite often when he was late at work. And father often spoke at home how he spent his working day. So we can say that we grew up at CHPP-1 and knew each nook there.

When I graduated from 10 classes, my father took me to his enterprise with him. He worked as the shift superintendent of electrical workshop.
The whole Hayrushins family worked at CHPP-1 in their day: children and even mother.
Roza has been working at the enterprise for 41 years. Once her son worked here, and now the daughter-in-law – the safety engineer Leyla Orazbayeva and the daughter – head of the planning department Maya Alimbetova work there.

– When my daughter was small, she often asked the grandfather when he would take her to the CHP plant, – Roza Hayrushina tells. – My father playfully answered her that now mother will led her to the enterprise. Finally, it happened. Today I work at the main board in the electro workshop, and it is the heart of the station and city in general as all operations pass through us. Any production, any industry will not function without power industry, therefore I am always proud that I work in this sphere. People say that the power industry disciplines. Perhaps it is right so as our father always called us for discipline. Productionhastaughtmetoresponsibility.

There also was such moment in Roza's life when she had to leave the enterprise for health reasons, having worked there for 20 years. But, having got new job, she could not stay there a year without power industry.
– Though we live in one state, but as it turned out, each enterprise has own relation to work, – Roza is sure. – The collective was absolutely another on new production and colleagues only worried about money. After returning to the CHP plant, I finally understood that this was mine. Our collective is friendly; everybody helps and supports each other. Here we do not think only about money as we realize the responsibility and we perform work of any complexity.
Hayrushina's grandchildren have already been to CHPP-1 several times. It is possible that a new generation will devote their lives to power industry.