The important profession. The Energy worker’s Day is celebrated every year on December in Kazakhstan – a tribute of recognition of merits of the power industry workers

The important profession. Every year the Energy worker’s Day – a tribute of recognition of merits of the power industry workers is celebrated in Kazakhstan on December.

Moreover, merits are both in economic development of the country, and in improvement and maintenance of quality of normal life of the population.

Today the energy profession cannot be called popular or fashionable such as professions of an economist or a lawyer. It is not profitable and not prestigious, but at the same time not simple and very responsible.

Often we do not even understand it’s all value until disappearance of electric and heat energy from our houses. Just then, all importance of a profession comes to the forefront. At the time of waiting for the light all are equal: lawyers, economists, and janitors. Staying alone with darkness, without electricity and heat, the person becomes defenseless before household difficulties.

It is known that “Almaty Power Stations” JSC (“AlES” JSC) produces heat and the electric power for Almaty. It consists of three combined heat and power plants: CHPP-1, CHPP-2, CHPP-3; two hydroelectric power stations – the HP Chain and Kapchagay HPP and the West Heat Complex (WHC) of boiler rooms.

On this holiday, the management of the “AlES” company heartily congratulates the veterans who have passed the hard way connected with formation of power industry of RK. They practically carried out excessive loadings in the difficult post-war years. We owe veterans of power our current achievements.

In our time of high technologies, it is difficult for modern person to imagine how it was possible to work in such conditions. However, veterans of power industry nevertheless coped with constantly increasing loads. Moreover, each workshop had specialists of the highest guild whose skill is still admired by the younger generation of power engineers.

The whole staff of the qualified specialists who have devoted their lives to power industry works in order for “AlES” JSC continuously delivered energy and heat to citizens. For today, 10 percent of employees of the “AlES” Company have worked for up to fifteen years, and 28 percent – over fifteen years therefore the younger generation has someone to learn professionalism.

For example, they have the honored power-engineering specialist of Kazakhstan, the honorary power engineer of the USSR, the holder of “Sign of Honour” Kezhek Iskakov. He began his career with the electrician and afterwards became the head of electrical workshop on CHPP-1. The ex-vice-Minister of Energy Kenzhemurat Dukenbayev who worked as the chief engineer of DESM “Alma-Ataenergo”.

The Chairman of the Council of veterans of power engineers of Kazakhstan Sovetkhan Nurpeisov. He began his career in relay protection service of DESM “Alma-Ataenergo” too. Sovetkhan Seytkaliyevich is still in a system. Heading the council of veterans, he lifts problems in the field of power together with the colleagues and looks for ways of their decision.

The General Director of “APC” CJSC Valery Torlambayev who worked as the deputy chief of turbine workshop of CHPP-1. The Chairman of Kazelektroprofsoyuz Ahmet Kaliyev. The veteran has begun his working career as a shift fitter and, rising up a career ladder, became the deputy chief of turbine workshop on CHPP-1. The General Director of “Alma-Ataenergo” POEE Altay Kadyrzhanov – the working career of which has begun with the Almaty CHPP-1; the chief engineer of “APC” JSC Rafail Sayfutdinov began as the duty electrician; the acting adviser to the chairman of the board of “Samruk-Energy” JSC Esbergen Abitayev who once began his work by the operator of boilers on CHPP-1.

The managing director on the West Heat Complex (WHC) of boiler rooms Zhumagali Ormambekov and the managing director of Kapchagay HPP Vasiliy Kaznacheev have devoted 42 years to power industry.

Anatoly Timchenko worked 48 years in power industry. Now he works as the deputy chief of production and technical department of CHPP-1. Victor Gaponov began as the driver of a locomotive of fuel-transport workshop on the Almaty CHPP-1. He is 51 years in power industry, today – he is the deputy managing director of CHPP-1. Amangazy Baymukhambetov worked 45 years in power industry too. He was received at the Almaty CHP plant as the machinery electrician repairman. Now he holds a position of the chief of fuel and transport workshop.

The senior shift supervisor of CHPP-3 Victor Romanenko, the shift supervisor of boiler department Pyotr Zharkov, the deputy chief of fuel and transport workshop on CHPP-3 Vasily Minin, managing engineer on the organization of equipment operation on the HP Chain Victor Rasskazov, the deputy managing director of Kapchagay HPP Vladimir Gulyaev devoted more than 40 years of their lives to power industry. Also the chief of hydro technical workshop of the HP Chain Sergey Popov gave 37 years to power industry.

Veterans share secrets of their skills with young specialists. The management of the company shows care of veterans not only in holidays. The veterans’ assistance program works during the whole year because the main value for the company are people both working in the company, and those for whom it works.

Once again, we congratulate you on the holiday, dear veterans! We wish you happiness, progress in work and long years of life!