Perspectives for the city

Additional power capacities are required for dynamic development of the megalopolis.

By the order of “Almaty Power Stations” joint-stock company, specialists of the Republican research and production center “Kazecology” have developed the project “Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the projected boiler on CHPP-2”.

Public hearings about that took place the other day. Representatives of executive bodies of the government, city department of ecology, bodies of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance, “Almaty Power Stations” JSC, non-governmental organizations, mass media and residents took part in them. Public hearings were held in accordance with the Rules for conducting public hearings.

According to the Chairman of the management board of JSC “Almaty Power Stations” Nurlan Mohamed-Rahimov, the boiler unit will allow to produce additional heat and electric power for satisfaction of needs of Almaty citizens and Universiade-2017 objects, which are erected again in a zone of CHPP-2.

The project provides for a plan of measures on minimization of negative impacts of the project on the environment. Much attention is paid to the analysis, assessment and accounting in design decisions of expected impacts of the planned economic activities on the nature and society. In this plan, technical specifications of the used machinery and equipment conform to sanitary and epidemiologic standards and norms of the legislation of RK. The extent of noise, electromagnetic radiations and vibration decreases sharply as the distance from object of influence increases and appears only within the limits of industrial sites.

In the framework of the environmental protection measures in the areas adjacent to CHPP-2, measures for landscaping and site finishing are planned.

At the same time, implementation of the project will provide jobs for local population. The subsequent stages of development will increase growth of revenue receipt to the budget. According to experts, its implementation will increase reliability and quality of heat supply in the Almaty city; will ensure ecological safety using modern technologies in construction.

Representatives of city department of ecology, executive bodies of the government, residents participated in the debate of public hearings. The irrefragable answers were given on all topical issues.