Investments into reliability and development (implementation of the Investment agreement of “AlES” JSC with MINT RK in 2011)

According to the Investment agreement No. 179 from 12.12.11, concluded with the Ministry of the Industry and New Technologies of RK, investment obligations of “AlES” JSC for 2011 are planned in the amount of 7 056,3 million tenge, but the actual execution amountedto 7 554,2 million tenge (107,1%).

Within the Investment agreement, the following main activities were carried out:

1) on reduction of production costs, including:

- reconstruction of the demineralizing plant on CHPP-1, CHPP-2, CHPP-3 with transfer of technology process to use of reverse osmosis technology;

- expansion of an industrial water intake of CHPP-3 of the Pokrovsk ground water deposit. Drilling of artesian wells No. 3, 4 of CHPP-3;

- commissioning of the automated system for commercial accounting of power consumption (ASCAPC), communication means of dispatcher’s supervisory control (CDTSC), the Operational Information Complex (OIC) for departments of “AlES” JSC and others;

2) on maintenance of production level, including:

- reconstruction of GDP of CHPP-1;

- reconstruction of the equipment ORU-110 kV of CHPP-1, CHPP-2, CHPP-3;

- reconstruction of an excitation system of the TG generator of st. No. 5 of CHPP-2;

- reconstruction of steam lines of boilers and turbines and connecting steam header of section No. 1,2,3 of CHPP-3;

3) measures for protection of facilities of CHPP-1, CHPP-2, CHPP-3 according to the Resolution of the Government of RK No. 901 of 04.09.2003 “Some issues of ensuring the safety of the facilities which are subject to the state protection”;

4) environmental protection measures, including:

- within the performance of Investment obligations construction of 3 emulsifiers (on CHPP-2 and CHPP-3) was completed. Requirements of nature protection bodies have been executed, efficiency of ash-collecting installations are increased, gross emissions of harmful substances (ashes) are reduced, and the negative impact on region ecology is reduced;

- in order to reduce emissions of oxides of nitrogen, modernization of burner devices of boiler units of CHPP-2 was made in accordance with the Technical regulations “Requirements to emissions in an environment when burning different types of fuel in thermal electric boilers ", approved by the Resolution of the Government of RK on December 14, 2007 No. 1232.

The effect of the held measures are as follows:

- the equipment utilization index of the “AlES” JSC increased from 48,9% to 50,1%;

- the gap between installed and available capacity decreased due to the reconstruction of cooling towers at CHPP-2 – to 100 MW and at CHPP-3 to 27 MW

- adverse impact of energy sources of “AlES” JSC on the environment was reduced due to the commissioning of a two emulsifiers on CHPP-2, one - at CHPP-3. Reduction of ash emissions on 3 boiler units amounted to 3 400 tons a year;

- costs for chemicals (up to 55 million tenge per year) reduced as a result of reconstruction of the demineralization plant on CHPP-1, 2, 3 with the transfer process on the use of reverse osmosis technology;

After introduction of the ASCAPC:

- automatic collection of measurement data from electricity meters with a predetermined interval of time, processing and issue of information of commercial accounting to personnel of “AlES” JSC and to the System operator (“KEGOC” JSC), and also to an adjacent subjects of a power market is carried out;

- reduction of losses of the electric power;

- ensuring technical readiness of “AlES” JSC for participation in work of electricity market at further development.

Measures included in the investment program of "AlES” JSC, aimed at maintaining the current level of production of energy sources, reconstruction and modernization of existing assets, the implementation of environmental protection measures, the implementation of energy conservation measures.

For 2012 “AlES” JSC assumed investment obligations to the amount of 6 489.4 million tenge according to the Investment agreement No. 189from 12.12.11 with MINT RK.

“Almaty Power Stations” JSC is a part of “Samruk-Energy” JSC. Almaty Power Stations are the main energy source of the Almaty region and provide about 70% of the heat of district heating areas and 72% of electricity.The power complex of “AlES” JSC includes CHPP-1, CHPP-2, CHPP-3, West Heat complex, Kapchagay HPP, Almaty Hydroelectric Power Chain, Industrial Repair Company “Energoremont”, FRDC.