The electricity prices will increase annually

The residents of Almaty and Almaty region pay for the electric power on new rates since April, 2012. The electricity price raised by 13,20 tenge for 1 kWh including VAT. In addition, the three-level differentiated rate is entered since April.

“Since April 1, 2012 there is no average rate”, – Mikhail Gamburger, the general director of “AlmatyEnergoSbyt” LLP has reported. Since April of the current year, each consumer can choose a tariff plan, convenient for him: three - and the two-zonal, and also tariff plan calculated on three levels depending on consumption volumes. The choice is not provided to legal entities, they are obliged to pay the electric power for a three-zonal rate.

According to the additions made to “The rule of differentiation by the power supplying organizations of rates for electric power by zones of days and depending on volumes of its consumption by individuals”, approved by the order of the chairman of ARNM PK since April 1, 2012 the third level of differentiation of electric rates depending on consumption size is entered in all regions of Kazakhstan. At the same time, this document provides introduction of separate preferential size of consumption for living alone pensioners on age, disabled people, participants of the Second World War and persons equated to them, and also equates inhabitants of houses without the centralized hot water supply and residents of not installed gas areas to the persons using electric stoves.

Rates of the differentiated rate depending on volumes of consumption of electric power including VAT for 1 kWh make: for the first level – 12,02 tenge, for the second – 15,84 tenge and for the third – 19,80 tenge. According to Anar Rakhimbayeva, the acting director of the department of ARNM of Almaty, the main reason of introduction of the differentiated rate is the aspiration to teach Kazakhstan citizens to save the electric power.

Rates of the tariff differentiated on zones of days for the consumers who are calculated on two-zonal accounting system per 1 kWh including VAT will be the following: a day rate of a tariff (from 7-00 till 23-00) – 17,01 tenge, a night rate of a tariff (from 23-00 till 7-00) – 3,81 tenge. For the consumers who are calculated on three-zonal accounting system per 1 kWh including VAT rates will be next: a day rate of a tariff (from 7-00 till 19-00) – 13,20 tenge, a rate in a peak hours (from 19-00 till 23-00) – 27,84 tenge, a night rate of a tariff (from 23-00 till 07-00) – 3,81 tenge per 1 kWh.

The main reason of the total increase in cost of electricity, Zulkhiya Dzhananova, the vice chairman of the board on economy and finance of “Almaty Power Stations” JSC, calls increase in market prices of raw materials. “Fuel prices, repair parts, materials and other goods, works and services raised in 2012 in comparison with last year. Increase in prices has led to increase in operational costs, including on fuel – more than 20%, transportation costs – more than 30%, costs of labor protection and safety measures and others – by 5-8%. The rate of “Almaty Power Stations” JSC for the electric power has increased by 4,2%, at the rate of inflation of 7%”, – Mrs. Dzhananova explains.

However increase in prices for the electric power took place within established in the resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of March 25, 2009  No. 392 “About the statement of limit rates”. The annual threshold of increase in prices for the electric power till 2015 is provided in the resolution.

Author: Chulpan Gumarova