Let there be light!

The Almaty power complex develops successfully. Members of the media could be convinced of it, having examined work of the energy companies that provide residents of Almaty and region with heat and light.

During a press-tour, journalists have visited CHPP-2, substation of “Ala Tau”, the central dispatching center “Alatau Zharyk company” JSC.

According to the managing director for technological issues of “Samruk-Energy” JSC Izbergen Abitayev, the energy companies have done a great job by preparation for a heating season in Almaty.

– In recent years we have commissioned about 22 substations in the megalopolis, – Izbergen Abitayev says. – All of them have undergone reconstruction and modernization. In the 2010 five substations equipped with the latest technology have been started during preparation for winter Asian games. Also in 2011 two ash dumps on CHPP-1, CHPP-3, water-cooling towers have been put into operation; works on a boiler room are continued. According to the managing director, all these updates promoted a gain of production of electricity. Thus, last year the gain of the electric power was about eight percent, the amount of heat energy increased by four percent.

– The close attention at the state level is paid at development of the power industry of Almaty, – Izbergen Abitayev explains, – as all works on modernization demand serious capital investments. In the financial plan the Government of the country, the management of NWF “Samruk-Kazyna” and city akimat, gives essential support to us.

According to specialists, the equipment of three operating stations has become morally outdated. The age of CHPP-1 – 76 years, the CHPP-3 (located in the village Pokrovka of Almaty region) – 62 years, and CHPP-2 – 31 years. Therefore, their modernization will demand big capital investments.

– We conduct a part of construction at the expense of borrowed funds, – the managing director says. – For example, water-cooling towers on CHPP-2 have been upgraded at the expense of borrowed funds of Development bank of Kazakhstan. But there are projects which pay off for a long time, are urban substations. Therefore, they are invested at the expense of the budget.

Modern and compact

The vice-chairman of “Alatau Zharyk company” JSC Askar Balabatyrov has told in detail about the work which is carried out by the company for a reliable and uninterrupted power supply for consumers of Almaty and region.

– Two compact substations – Ala Tau and Otyrar, – constructed with use of the modern equipment have been put into operation, – Askar Balabatyrov explains. – It has considerably improved reliability of power supply of stations of the Almaty subway and consumers of the megalopolis. Funds were raised from the republican budget on construction of substations.

Besides, according to his information, the planned volumes of capital repair of power networks are completely executed. Also the program for energy efficiency and energy saving is successfully carried out. It has allowed to reduce above-standard losses by 53 million kWh and to finish the actual losses from 18.3 to 17.3 percent.

– Reconstruction and modernization of distribution networks in Almaty is carried out, – Askar Balabatyrov tells. – The total volume of the funds allocated for these purposes last year has made 2,3 billion tenge. 27 operational mobile teams have been prepared and fully completed for a reliable and uninterrupted power supply of consumers of Almaty and the region during the autumn and winter period.

Now, according to the vice-chairman, the company is faced by several priorities. This is a completion of construction of PS “Kensay” with the power transmission line of 220 kV “Ermensay – Kensay – ACHP-3” for creation of a ring around Almaty. The termination of a construction of this object is planned for 2012.

The plans include reconstruction of distribution networks for decrease in technical and above-standard losses of the electric power. And also the construction of PS of 220 kV of “Kaskelen”, and PS of 110 kV “New 3A”, “Altay”, “Mamyr” and “Turksib”, which will create conditions for further development of infrastructure of the megalopolis.

Reducing losses

– The implementation of “The program of energy saving and energy efficiency of “AZhK” JSC for 2011-2015” is under our constant control – Askar Balabatyrov tells. – The project will allow to liquidate an above-standard energy loss and to reduce the actual losses to the normative level.

Today the power generation capacity by internal stations is 938 MGV. According to the vice-chairman its deficit becomes covered by purchase of missing energy from the wholesale market in the North and the South of Kazakhstan. About 490 MGV plus purchase of services of regulation of capacities in Kyrgyzstan are bought.

According to the Chairman of the management board of “Almaty Power Stations” JSC (“AlES” JSC) Vyacheslav Kim, the share of the heat and electric power