The Power Engineering Specialist Day. Heat and light in each house.

“Almaty Power Stations” JSC (“AlES” JSC)as the independent legal entity has begun to function since June 2006.

“AlES” JSC – the largest company of Kazakhstan where over 3300 people work, which holds a dominant position on production of electricity in the Almaty region and is a subject of natural monopoly on production of heat power. Modern market of electricity and capacities in the Almaty city and the region is provided for 64% from deliveries of electric power of power sources of “AlES” JSC. The main buyer of electric power of “AlES” JSC is the power supplying “Almatyenergosbyt” LLP company, the main buyer of heat energy of “AlES” JSC is the heat supplying “Almaty Thermal Networks” LLP company.

The structure of “AlES” JSC includes the following divisions: the Almaty CHP Plant 1, CHP Plant 2, CHP Plant 3 – production of electric and heat energy, Kapchagay HPP, the Hydroelectric Power Chain – electric power production, boiler rooms of the West Heat Complex – production of heat energy, commissioned in 40-80 years of the last century. In this regard, the deterioration of the permanent equipment at stations is more than 60%.

This situation existed until 2009 when under the conditions of lack of financing sources, the station could not fully expand capacities, and there was enough income only on moderate maintenance of stations in work.

As the situation with deterioration of the equipment in the field of production of electric and heat power countrywide came nearer to critical, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan has issued the Resolution on the statement of limit rates for electric power until 2015 for all power sources of the country in March 2009, with division into groups. According to this Resolution, investment Agreements are annually signed between the Ministry of the industry and new technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan and “Almaty Power Stations” JSC. The sense of these agreements is that the Government approves the energy rate increase, made by power stations in condition that the gained income from increase in rates will be directed to update fixed assets, increase in the production of the electric power, by construction of new sources and reconstruction of existing sources, reduction of ecological impact on an environment and so on.

During the period from 2009 to 2011 according to the concluded agreements, “AlES” JSC carried out activities amounting to more than 38 billion tenge which allowed performing works on replacement, renovation, reconstruction, technical re-equipment of existing assets, to start new construction and not only to maintain the current level of energy production of “AlES” JSC, but also to increase it. By 2011, accident rate in operation of the power equipment decreased by 32% in comparison with 2009. Besides, the following results have been achieved: the available capacity of power sources of “AlES” JSC is increased by 120 megawatts; emissions of harmful substances are reduced by more than 2000 tons per year; the reconstruction of ash dumps of CHPP-1, CHPP-2, CHPP-3 necessary for reliable and uninterrupted production of heat and electric power is made; reconstruction of the equipment and pipelines of the HP Chain, which is also used for water supply of Almaty is carried out; water consumption for process needs is reduced from 12 million m3 to 9 million m3 a year; the long overdue restoring repairs of the power equipment and constructions are made.

“AlES” JSC has defined a number of the first-priority strategic projects directed to increase in capacities: commissioning of a boiler room and boiler unit on CHPP-2; two gas turbine blocks on CHPP-1; reconstruction and modernizations of the Hydroelectric Power Chain and CHPP-2; construction of Kerbulak HPP; reconstruction of Kapchagay HPP.

Realization of investments into these projects will allow to further increase production capacities of power sources, increase the energy efficiency of electric power production, reduce volumes of emissions of pollutants into the environment and provide uninterrupted power supply of Almaty and Almaty region.