On December 25, 2020, JSC "AlES" summed up the results of the environmental campaign

The purpose of this event is to preserve and responsibly consume the natural resources of our planet, promote the principles of separate waste collection.- The promotion was announced on October 30, 2020. All divisions of JSC "AlES" enthusiastically supported this idea and actively participated in the process of collecting batteries. The total number of batteries collected was 24,402 kg. The record holder was CHPP-3, from which 8,900 kg were delivered. CHPP-1 – 2,236 kg, CHPP-2-0,931 kg, Cascade HPP-3,500 kg, Kapshagayskaya HPP -3,400 kg, ZTK-0,790 kg, head office-4,645 kg, - said Zoya Arzyukova, Chief Manager of the Department of Environmental
Protection.- In the modern world, you can not do without batteries and accumulators, we use them daily in our lives. And we wondered where to put the spent batteries that have accumulated in our homes? On the battery there is a sign that indicates that it can not just throw it in the trash, but must be handed over for disposal. All departments and departments brought batteries for delivery at the head office, and we realized how big a problem it is - "delivery of batteries". We have a chance to save the environment and make the world a little cleaner, - Elena Silvestrova, chief Specialist of the Department of Environmental Protection, expressed her opinion.

One miniature finger battery pollutes a plot of soil with an area of 20 m2 and 400 liters of water, which in 20-30 years can turn into a big problem. Chemicals pollute not only the soil, they seep into the ground water, evaporate in the air and gradually poison not only nature, but also the human body. In order not to pay for carelessness with your own health, you need to take the nutrients to the point of receiving used batteries.
Batteries are included in the list of hazardous household waste, as they contain heavy metals such as zinc, manganese, cadmium, nickel, mercury and others.- We all live on the planet Earth, it is called the "blue planet" or "green planet" for its beauty, uniqueness, the presence of life, green plants, - continued the
head of the Department of Environmental Protection Ramil Galiyev. The life of all living organisms and our life, including in many respects depends on the state of the environment. And today, every inhabitant of the planet Earth understands this. Every year we feel more and more strongly the existing environmental problems.

We try to choose high-quality, environmentally friendly products in the store, walk in places where the air is clean, build houses in environmentally friendly areas. Our man-made civilization is changing the environment and, unfortunately, not for the better. There are a lot of people, the level of consumption is huge.