Ismukhambetov Gaziy Zhumabayevich – Managing director for production – Chief engineer

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Date of birth – 20.07.1960

Citizenship – The Republic of Kazakhstan

Education – higher : Alma-Ata Power Engineering Institute, year of graduation – 1982.

Specialty – electrical engineer.

The number and share of shares owned by affiliated companies – does not matter

Work experience:

2020 – present-Managing Director for Production – Chief Engineer of JSC "AlES";
2013-2019 – Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for Production – Chief Engineer of JSC "AlES";
2012-2013 – Chief Engineer of JSC "AlES";
2012 – Deputy Chief Engineer of JSC "AlES";
2002-2007 Manager Central dispatch service, the chief Manager, the head of the Central dispatching service (CDS) JSC "APK";
from 1986 to 2002 he was on duty electrician, senior electrician on duty, the head of the shift of the electrical Department, the head of the shift of Almaty TPP-2 of JSC"APC";
1984-1985 engineer of the Department of high voltage equipment of Alma-Ata power engineering Institute.


2008 – Certificate of JSC "AlES";
2009 – Certificate of Honor of the Akim of Almaty;
2010 – Certificate of Honor of JSC "Samruk-Energo";
2010 – Honored Power Engineer of the KEA of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
2014 – Honored Power Engineer of the CIS;
2016 – Medal "Eren enbegi usin" Of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Medal "Elektr energetikasy salasyna koskan ulesi usin" of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
2020 – A certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Medal "100th anniversary of GOELRO".

The range of issues for which he is responsible in Society.

Manages, controls the quality and timeliness of work, document management and reporting in the following areas of the Company's activities:

1) organization and provision of generation and release of electric and thermal energy by production departments;
2) determining the technical policy and directions of the Company's technical development in a market economy, ways of reconstruction and technical re-equipment of existing production, the level of specialization of production in the future;
3) ensuring the necessary level of technical preparation of production and its constant growth, improving the efficiency of production and labor productivity, rational use of production resources, high quality and competitiveness of manufactured products, works and services;
4) controls over the organization of timely and high-quality repairs, modernization of power equipment, buildings, structures and engineering communications of the Company;
5) ensuring the consideration and coordination with research, design (design and technological) organizations and higher educational institutions of contracts for the development of new equipment and production technology, reconstruction projects of the enterprise, its divisions, for the renewal and modernization of equipment, complex mechanization and automation of production processes, automated production management systems, as well as monitoring their development, organization of consideration and implementation of technical re-equipment projects developed by third-party organizations, preparation of applications for the purchase of equipment; organization of development and implementation of plans for the introduction of new equipment and technology, ensuring the effectiveness of design solutions, carrying out organizational and technical measures, research and development development work;
6) implementation of general management of the activities of technical services and tariff and qualification commissions in production departments, monitoring the results of their work, the state of labor and production discipline in subordinate units;
7) coordination of the work of the personnel training department on the issues of training, retraining, advanced training of the Company's employees;
8) coordination of work on the issues of unification, standardization and certification of products, certification and rationalization of workplaces, metrological support;
9) ensuring timely preparation of technical documentation (drawings, specifications, technical specifications, technological maps);
10) organization and controls of innovation work in the Company;
11) issuing instructions within its competence;
12) exercise of other powers provided for by the orders of the Chairman of the Management Board of the Company, decisions of the Management Board and the Board of Directors of the Company.

Manages and supervises the work:

  • Technical management;
  • Operation management;
  • Repair Management;
  • Management of ASME, metrology and Communications;
  • Dispatching controls.

The Managing Director for Production – Chief Engineer is functionally subordinate to the Managing Directors and Chief Engineers of the Company's production departments in terms of production tasks and functions performed in the departments by production units.