ALES - Fuel receiving and unloading center

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CPVT was created in 1998 by the order of CJSC APK No. 30 of 05.03.1998.

After the reform of agribusiness JSC, the CPVT began to function on February 15, 2007. as a part of JSC "Almaty electric stations".

Main production activity:

CPVT provides reception, unloading and supply of fuel and other cargo, as well as repair and maintenance of railway tracks of the departments of CHPP-1,2,3. Industrial relations with departments are based on the"Provisions on Relations between Departments". CPVT has three sites located on the territories of the departments of AlES CHPP-1,2,3.

Location: Almaty region, Karasaysky district, village. Algabas.
Tel. / fax: (+7727) 250-31-42 / 250-31-42