Employees of the PRP "Energoremont" of JSC "AlES" thanked 12 veterans for the peaceful sky

Activists of the youth organization "Zharkyn Bolashak" of JSC "AlES"congratulated 6 participants of the labor front and 6 Afghan soldiers equated to the participants of the war on the 75th anniversary of the Victory.
This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, all festive events have been canceled. Therefore, veterans, former employees of the PRP "Energoremont", were congratulated at home.
- Every year, according to tradition, veterans are thanked for peace. Unfortunately, the only veteran of the Great Patriotic War, a former employee of the enterprise, Mikhail Nikolaevich Kurganov, died last year, at the age of 95. The widow of the veteran Natalia Fedorovna Kurganova appeals to us for help. We help her whenever possible, we repaired her roof, balcony and installed a new electricity meter – " said Syrymbet Turozhanov, chairman of the Local Trade Union "Trade Union Energy" of the PRP "Energoremont".

Congratulating the veterans, Ibragim Suanbekov, master of the turbine section of the CRE-1 PRP "Energoremont", an activist of the youth organization "Zharkyn Bolashak" of JSC "AlES" noted that " Despite their age, our veterans look good. I was surprised how our grandfathers over the age of 90 are optimistic about life. It is correctly noted: "The soul never gets old." We have warned about our visit in advance. They were waiting for us with impatience. They tell how difficult it was for them in those years… Veterans do not care about flowers, food and even money.

They, first of all, appreciate attention. They thanked us from the bottom of their hearts, wished us good luck and success."
– It's a pleasure to give joy! We often visit and help people in need. I like being a volunteer. Since the first days when I joined the youth organization "Zharkyn Bolashak", we have been engaged in charity work. My father always says to me: "Balam, bata-halyk kazynasy. "Zhanbyrmenen zher kogerer, batamenen el kogerer". Which means "The blessing of the elders is the best reward". My dad is the head of the Suanbekov dynasty at our enterprise.

I followed in his footsteps. I think that I was lucky... - shared Tamirlan Akhmetzhan, master of the turbine section of the CRE-1 PRP "Energoremont", an activist of the youth organization"Zharkyn Bolashak". Sagi Aitbayev, a flaw detector of the Metals and Welding Service of the Energoremont PRP, continued the conversation: On this beautiful spring day, my heart is overflowing with pride that veterans are waiting for us. We are in a hurry to please them, to give them a festive mood. We saw sparks of gratitude in their eyes. How many warm words... Thank you to our veterans, for our world, for this sun, for a clear sky, for a happy life.

- Previously, we invited veterans to the enterprise, set a festive table. I went grocery shopping, cooked hot manti, kazy, bauyrsaks, samsa, salads… The veterans were always happy. They were looking forward to this day with impatience. They thanked me, joked. But for the second year Vladimir Grigoryevich Mamonov is waiting for us with impatience at home. My grandfather is 91 years old. He lives alone, cooks for himself, washes dishes, cleans the house. Grandchildren visit whenever possible. Relatives from Taldykorgan come once a month. It was the second month since they had visited their grandfather. Quarantine. Grandfather uses his pension first of all to buy his grandchildren our domestic favorite chocolate "Kazakhstan" from the confectionery factory "Rakhat". He treats us to it too. We were very happy to receive a gift from the hands of grandfather. He does not just treat, but gives from the heart, with love. And at this moment, I remember my beloved grandfather with tears in his eyes, who passed away at the age of 94, " said Fariza Botakarayeva, a leading software engineer at Energoremont, Chairman of the Zharkyn Bolashak youth organization of AlES JSC.

The veterans were given food baskets and a sum of money.
Fariza Botakarayeva