Other activities of the company

Water supply via main pipelines to secondary water users on the Cascade HPP facility 

Water supply to secondary water users for household needs and irrigation of agricultural crops from the main derivation pipelines of the HPP Cascade
tariff 4.21 tenge/м³

The maneuver service for wagons to the loading and unloading fronts by locomotive 

At the railway dead end of the CHP-2, "AlES" JSC provides a service for maneuver of wagons to the loading and unloading fronts by a locomotive, technologically related to the regulated
service of access roads
tariff 26 049 tenge/car

Provision of an access road for the passage of rolling stock, provided there is no competitive access road 

Due to the presence of access roads used for receiving, processing and feeding for unloading wagons with fuel and other goods arriving by rail at the CHP-2, the fuel receive and unloading department provides access roads services to third-party contractors
on shared tracks
tariff 340.60 tenge/car-km

Wholesale of scrap and waste of ferrous and non-ferrous metals 

At production departments, scrap metal and other materials are formed from the replacement of worn-out equipment parts during current and major repairs, reconstruction and modernization of fixed assets
the price according to the auction results

Wholesale of other non-metallic waste and non-metallic

Ash obtained during the combustion of solid
fuel in the boiler furnace
tariff 204.46 tenge/t

Environmental challenges are held annually for the collection and delivery of waste paper, unusable
paper and cardboard
the price according to the auction results

Regulation of electrical power 

Service for compensation of deviations of the actual electrical load of subjects of the wholesale electricity market from the declared electrical load
tariff 752.46 tenge/kW per month

  Equipment technical inspection services 

At the agreed price

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