The construction project of the first stage of the Alma-Ata GRES with a capacity of 100 thousand kW was approved by the decision of the Alma-Ata State Economic Council on December 9, 1959. The year of the beginning of construction is 1957.

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In March 1962, the first power unit with a capacity of 50 thousand kW was put into operation and the first kilowatt hours of electricity were generated.
In accordance with the approved design assignment No. 192 dated May 18, 1962, issued by the Alma-Ata State Economic Council, a project was carried out to expand the AGRES to a capacity of 200 thousand kW.

With the commissioning of boiler unit No. 6 in 1967, the construction of the power plant was mostly completed.

In 1965, the capacity of the AGRES reached the design capacity of 200 thousand kW.

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For the heat supply of the greenhouse and greenhouse complex and to increase heat consumption during the expansion of the village of Otegen Batyr (former settlement In 1973, the turbine of station No. 3 was reconstructed with the organization of heat selection, in 1976 - the turbine of station No. 2, in 1985-the turbine of station No. 1. After these reconstructions, with steam extraction, the total capacity of the station was 173 MW.

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After the reform of JSC APK CHPP-3, it began functioning on February 15, 2007. as a part of JSC "Almaty electric stations".

Location: Almaty region, Ili district, Otegen Batyr
village Tel. / fax: (+7252) 2-11-40/2-47-92