Ecological culture


2018-10-11 112946

One of the important components of the sustainable development of the Republic of Kazakhstan is maintaining the quality of the environment favorable to the life of the present and future generations of people.
Every citizen is obliged to protect the environment and take care of natural resources, comply with environmental laws, improve their environmental knowledge and promote the environmental education of younger generations.
In his annual address, the President of our Republic N. Nazarbayev pays special attention to environmental protection and measures to fight for the purity of the country's ecology. He emphasized that every industrial enterprise should concentrate its efforts on implementing energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies.

2018-10-11 112954

Every citizen must support the environmental activities of the State in order to:

  • reduce water consumption, to preserve the water resources used for drinking;
  • reduce the use of paper by introducing electronic document management to conserve forests as the largest “carbon storage";

2018-10-11 113002

  • reduce the volume of waste generated by recycling, prevent littering of the territory of the city with household waste and food residues, or return home appliances (televisions, tape recorders, electric toys, irons, energy-saving lamps, batteries, hair dryers, kitchen equipment, including refrigerators, etc. d.), org. equipment (computers and accessories, cell phones, tablets, copiers, scanners, toners, etc.), mercury-containing wastes (fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, thermometers, etc.) at collection points by placement in eco-boxes established by the management of retail chains Technodom, Alser, Ramstore;
  • participate in Akimat actions on planting green spaces on the territory of cities and regions, to improve the ecological situation of the city.