Caring for the environment: world experience

Today, environmental issues and environmental protection are coming to the fore among the global priorities of the world community. The world is making green steps:


  1. In China, the trade in ivory and its products has been banned. According to the World Wildlife Fund, 90 % of the population supported the innovation – and the demand for such goods fell by 2 times. For a long time, China remained the largest market for ivory imports, so the ban significantly reduced poaching in Africa.
  2. The Republic of Niger has stated that 200 million new trees have been planted in three decades. This is the largest positive environmental change in the history of Africa.
  3. Colombia has expanded the size of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta National Park to 4.3 million hectares. Now it is the largest rainforest reserve.

  1. Canada has agreed with the indigenous population to create the largest protected area of boreal forests. The reserve covers an area equal to two Belgians. According to the BBC, there are about 70 species of animals that need protection here.
  2. In Mexico, the population of wild jaguars, the largest feline in America, has grown by 20% over the past eight years. This type of predator was at one time considered almost extinct in the country. At the same time, 14 Latin American states signed an agreement on the implementation of a 12-year program, the main task of which is the conservation of large cats.
  3. Another good message about species conservation. The mountain gorilla is one of the most endangered animals in the world. In the forests of central Africa, the number of individuals of these mammals has increased by 25 % compared to 2010. Now more than a thousand mountain gorillas have been registered.

   7. The smallest species of fox was removed from the list of animals on the verge of extinction. In California, the population growth was announced. The island fox has become the record holder for the speed of restoring the number of individuals among mammals.

   8. The Seychelles has created two new marine reserves in the Indian Ocean. More than 200 thousand square kilometers (comparable to the size of the UK) will be protected from illegal fishing. Also, the presence of tourists and amateur fishermen will be limited here. The Seychelles agreed to such a project in exchange for writing off part of the public debt, a significant part of which was paid by the Leonard DiCaprio Foundation.