Life in the style of

The theme of an eco-friendly lifestyle is an important component of evolutionary development today - not just an eco-friendly lifestyle, but an eco-friendly way of thinking. A person is used to not thinking about many things that he has and receives every day. Literally every action can be turned in the direction of environmental friendliness, while not infringing on your convenience and comfort. It is enough to look around and look at ordinary things from the position of sanity. As Mahatma Gandhi said: "If you want a change in the future, become this change in the present."

Next, we will consider specific tips on where to start and what you need to strive for in everyday life:

1. Give up disposable items 

Go to the store with a reusable bag

Instead of buying a new package every time in the store, you need to constantly carry a regular reusable shopping bag with you. This can really reduce the production of plastic: when China banned giving customers free bags in stores, plastic consumption in the country decreased by 200 thousand tons per year.

Replace disposable napkins with reusable cloth ones

To make one pack of napkins, you need about 200 grams of wood. If you use napkins regularly, you can "destroy" an entire tree in a couple of years. So it is better to serve the table not with paper napkins, but with reusable ones-made of fabric.

Use reusable water bottles or flasks 

Firstly, using reusable bottles can reduce the consumption of plastic, and secondly, take care of your health. It has already been proven that water in plastic bottles is at least useless, as a maximum it harms health.

2. "Green" consumption

Everything that we want to purchase must be evaluated from the point of view of the full life cycle of the product. It is necessary to choose something that causes minimal damage to the environment from the stage of raw materials/manufacturing to decomposition/processing. In stores, it is necessary to buy safe detergents (not containing phosphates, chlorine, A-surfactant less than 5%), healthy products without E and preservative dyes, with eco-labeling, with a minimum transport footprint.

2. New household habits

Refuse to print a receipt at an ATM

Almost all ATMs offer to refuse to print a check when issuing cash and balance requests. Use a mobile bank or display a balance request on the monitor screen.

Use both sides of the paper when printing

If 10 percent less paper is used, then hydrocarbon emissions into the atmosphere will decrease by 1.6 million tons. To do this, it is enough to start printing on the sheets from both sides. Double-sided printing is suitable for internal needs, personal letters, notes or for children's creativity.

Buy a container for used batteries and waste paper


To prevent harmful substances contained in batteries from entering the ground and groundwater, they must be disposed of separately from the main garbage and handed over to special reception points for this type of waste. To do this, you need a special container for used batteries to take them in bulk. You can also put a box for waste paper at home. You can use it to collect booklets, newspapers, leaflets and other advertising materials from mailboxes.

Collect garbage at home separately

At first glance, this will seem like a difficult task. But in fact, everything is very simple. You will need only 3-4 large bags or boxes where you can sort garbage that is not subject to natural recycling. And once every two or three weeks, it can be taken to special collection points for recycling garbage.

Hand over old equipment for recycling


It is impossible to throw old household appliances into a landfill: it contains metals, plastic and rubber, which, when decomposed, emit toxic substances and pollute the soil, water and air. Special organizations are engaged in the proper disposal of equipment: they need to give away unnecessary televisions, computers, cartridges, and so on. The easiest way to do this is through home appliance stores: many of them hold promotions in which, when buying a new thing, you can scrap the old one in exchange for a discount.