Green technologies in human life

In the modern world, saving on utility bills is relevant, saving natural resources is fashionable and promising. What can everyone do to save their finances and take care of the environment?! For example, to use green technologies in your life: in the office, at home, on vacation, etc.
The introduction of "green technologies" into the lives of ordinary people is a promising, but quite expensive pleasure. For example, their implementation at the construction stage will lead to the fact that the cost of these works may increase by 10-15%, but in the future it will be profitable to use the object with the introduction of "green technologies". Since they allow you to reduce energy consumption by 25% and water consumption by 30%, due to this, savings are achieved in paying for electricity and water supply.
There are already illustrative examples of the use of "green technologies" for the home in the world, which have entered into everyday practice. For example:

Rainwater collection system-collector drainage systems are extremely simple mechanical systems that are connected to a drainage system or other water collection network in a barrel or tank for subsequent technical use (for example, watering plants, flushing, irrigation).
Insulation of all rooms – up to 10% of heat is lost every year due to poor insulation. You can install additional insulation layers on the roof, floor, and windows.

Installation of double-glazed windows - in practice, up to 25% of energy losses relate to rooms where leaky windows are installed. A sealed double-glazed window is a structure consisting of several glasses connected to each other. The glasses form chambers filled with dry air or an inert gas. There are single, double or triple double-glazed windows. At the bottom of each chamber there is a moisture-absorbing material.

Energy consumption monitoring - there are already enough devices on the market that allow you to easily and quickly get data about electricity consumption in the house and monitor the most expensive devices at any moment of use. You can save up to 15% of utility costs per year.
Installation of equipment with a high level of energy efficiency - such devices and equipment economically use water and energy (depending on the type of device). Manufacturers call the figure-15% of the saved resources when comparing conventional refrigerators and energy-efficient ones.
Washing machines waste less water, wash better and do not injure fabrics as much as ordinary ones do, and at the same time save 50% of electricity.
Installing splitters is a good solution for eliminating energy "vampires" - devices that have already been charged and still" eat " up to 20% of the energy at home in vain. Smart splitters analyze the needs of devices connected to the network and cut off those that do not need power.
"Green" technologies, as the name implies, are aimed at preserving the environment, as well as creating the most favorable ecological atmosphere inside the house. The environment, after all, is an important thing, and littering it means putting a bomb under your own well-being.