Green Office program. Concept and principles. Part 2.

In this article, we will continue to get acquainted with the concept and principles of the Green Office program.
2. The heat savings of
~ equipment radiators with thermostats, allowing you to halve the heat load, the setting of the regulators at a lower temperature regime;
~ installation diplotriaena for heating, allow-forming reduce heat loss through the exterior walls of the building;
~ insulation, replacing Windows, modern Windows (does not contain PVC), and the comprehensive measures to further isolate the premises;
~ installation of metering devices of heat consumption.

3. Water saving
~ office equipment with water consumption metering devices, informing employees about the need for rational use of water;
~ serviceability of taps and plumbing, water-saving shower heads;
~ use of touch faucets or lever taps, toilets-with tanks with two flushing modes.

4. Rational choice and use of paper
~ use of office and toilet paper from recycled materials;
~ use of paper produced without chlorine bleaching and certified according to the FSC scheme, obtained through environmentally and socially responsible forest management. The cost of such paper does not exceed the cost of ordinary paper;
~ the use of printing on the back of the paper and double-sided printing;

~ the use of e-mail for correspondence, printing letters only if absolutely necessary, the introduction of an electronic document management system. документооборота.

5. Additional advice
~ must be entered in the office of separate waste collection, organizing the site for temporary storage of recyclable materials and, if possible, signing contracts with companies involved in its reception;
~ when choosing office equipment and other electrical devices, it is necessary to focus on the environmental rating of the electronics manufacturers, as well as the need to renounce the use of disposable plastic products, replacing them with reusable products to use in the office safe household chemicals, does not contain chlorinated organic compounds, chlorine, phosphates and phosphonates;
~ there is a need, to refuse the use of stationery, interior, electronics and household appliances from polyvinyl chloride, in the presence in the market of alternative products.

Environmental policy in the team.
All of the above measures will have much greater force if the initiative comes not only from above, but also directly from the team working daily in the office. You can organize a competition for the best information poster, a kind of "reminder" about saving electricity, water, consumables with appropriate encouragement. If the company has its own website, you can create a page dedicated to the project and regularly update data on innovations and successes.