In this article, we will continue to get acquainted with international events aimed at attracting the attention of others to a careful attitude to nature - from cleaning reservoirs, planting trees to giving up a car for one day, to environmental protection problems, as well as to the formation of an ecological culture of the individual.

6th place. On their own two

The name of the campaign "A day without a car" speaks for itself. On September 22, in many countries, residents move around the city all day by public transport, bicycles, roller skates, scooters or on foot. The first such action was held in England in 1997. In a few years, it has grown to the scale of an international event: every year residents of hundreds of cities in dozens of countries around the world refuse to travel by car. There are pleasant bonuses for the participants of the action: on this day, you can get a two-wheeled transport for free at most bicycle rental points.

7th place. Save the tree

On the last Thursday of October, the International Day without Paper is celebrated. "Let's learn to use paper rationally!" - this is the main thesis of the international paperless campaign in October. Representatives of large and small businesses urge employees to give preference to electronic documents instead of using white sheets. Papers. And also, on this day, environmental actions are timed to collect waste paper, the purpose of which is to form an active position of people in the field of environmental protection. The campaign is held in the form of competitive competitions for collecting old newspapers, magazines, books, cardboard packages.

8th place. Garbage, goodbye

In 1993, the inhabitants of Australia massively came out to clean the ocean beaches. Their example was followed by other countries, including Kazakhstan, and currently about 150 countries and 380 million volunteers participate in the international action "World Cleanliness Day" every year. Let's clear the planet of garbage." Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the waste collected during its implementation will be sorted and sent to waste processing plants. Subbotniks are held during the week — from September 21 to 27 in all parts of the globe. The main purpose of such subbotniks is to attract public attention to the issues of maintaining cleanliness on the streets of the city and the formation of ecological culture.