Waste management system: priorities and stages

Waste management, which is formed on the territory of production departments, is one of the environmental priorities of JSC "Ales". On an annual basis, investments are identified and allocated to solve problems related to the organization of temporary and permanent storage of waste, its reuse and disposal. Following the requirements of the environmental legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, waste that cannot be neutralized, processed, and disposed of at our enterprises must be transferred to special organizations that perform operations for safe transportation, placement, and disposal of waste.

The creation of a waste management system has the following objectives:

  • reduction of the negative impact of production and consumption waste on the environment in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • systematization of the processes of formation, disposal and neutralization of all types of waste in accordance with the current regulatory documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The management system provides for nine stages of the waste technological cycle:

  1. stage - the appearance of waste occurring in technological and operational processes, as well as from objects during their liquidation;
  2. stage - collection and (or) accumulation of waste to be carried out in the designated areas;
  3. stage - identification of waste, which can be visual and (or) instrumental based on the characteristics, parameters and indicators of compliance of a particular waste with its description;
  4. stage-sorting, separation and (or) mixing of waste according to certain criteria into qualitatively different components;
  5. stage-certification. Drawing up a waste passport;
  6. Stage - packaging of waste, or ensuring the established methods and means (by packing in containers or other containers, packaging, briquetting with the appropriate labeling) of the integrity and safety of the waste during sorting, loading, transportation, storage, storage in designated places . Particular attention should be paid to packaging and labeling of hazardous waste.;
  7. stage - storage and transportation of waste. Warehousing should be carried out in designated (authorized) places where waste is collected in special containers. Waste transportation should be carried out in specially equipped transport, eliminating the possibility of losses along the route and environmental pollution, as well as providing convenience during transshipment;
  8. stage - waste storage. Depending on the type of waste, storage can be in an open way, under a canopy, in containers, mines or other authorized places;
  9. stage - waste disposal. In the first substage, recycling can be carried out for defective or obsolete products, their components and waste, as well as the elimination of newly generated waste. The second sub-step of the technological cycle for the elimination of hazardous and other wastes is their safe disposal at appropriate landfills or disposal.

The Republic of Kazakhstan is on the path to the optimal search for waste management. Today, significant investments are being attracted to this sector.