In previous issues of the heading " Man. Society. Nature" we got acquainted with the sources of pollution of natural environments. Starting from this issue, we will gradually consider the system of environmental safety of enterprises, which provides a comprehensive, timely and reliable assessment of indicators, the use of which will allow us to get an idea of the degree of environmental friendliness of its production, the environmental efficiency of its environmental activities.


Ensuring environmental safety has become one of the most important tasks of modern society. Environmental safety can be realized only if the life, health and living conditions of a person are preserved, in the protection of society and its environment from threats arising as a result of environmental impact.


Separate waste collection on a permanent basis

The first step towards the implementation of environmental safety is a rational way of handling production and consumption waste – separate collection on a permanent basis.The most important task ― this is to learn how to divide the fractions of garbage and, accordingly, not to throw them into one container. State bodies are calling for this ― The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, all environmental protection, law enforcement agencies, environmental departments and environmental associations.

Separate collection and sorting of waste significantly facilitates the tasks of their processing, since all the collected garbage, depending on the distance between the landfill and the collection site, is delivered either directly to the processing plant, or to the sorting center, or to the garbage transfer station.In sorting centers, sorted waste is reloaded into large car containers by means of a garbage collector. This significantly reduces the transport costs associated with their delivery from the formation site to the landfill for disposal.
Well, since the waste arrives at the recycling plant already pre-sorted, the costs of sorting them are also reduced, which makes recycling a fairly profitable occupation.


Rules for sorting garbage

*All food waste, as well as other organic waste, such as grass, leaves, as well as paper napkins and towels, should be disposed of together.

* The glass must be disposed of in a separate container.

* Paper and cardboard should also be collected separately from all other garbage.

* Plastic and metal packaging is recyclable, so it should be collected in separate containers.

* Batteries, mercury lamps and other environmentally hazardous items must be collected in separate containers.

* Waste that is not recyclable must also be collected separately.


Organization of separate waste collection in JSC "AlES"

To implement the procedure for separate collection of solid waste in JSC "AlES", the following measures were carried out:

* purchased and ustanovleniya special areas of the production departments of the containers, which differ from each other by color: "yellow", for cullet, green - waste, metal mesh for plastic waste;

* to guide where and how waste should be discarded, all installed containerproperty (signed);

* released Memo separate collection and storage of solid waste in the manufacturing departments and Head office.