Memo on the environmental disposal of electronic equipment

The composition of electronic and electrical equipment waste contains such dangerous substances and compounds as cadmium, antimony, lead, mercury, which have a negative impact not only on the environment, but also on human health. Once in the human body, they remain there for a long time and gradually begin to accumulate in the liver, kidneys,bones, thyroid gland and can cause cancer.

Also, laser printers are equipped with toners, the chemical composition of which includes compounds of carbon polymers, iron oxide, tin of organic compounds and inorganic additives, which, according to studies, can cause headache, cough, fever, malaise.

In addition, if one finger battery is improperly disposed of, up to 20 cubic meters of soil or 400 liters of drinking water can be poisoned.

Users of electronic and electrical equipment that has fallen into disrepair are prohibited from throwing it into places where unsorted urban waste is collected, i.e. in garbage containers.

According to Article 301 of the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, it is prohibited to accept certain types of waste for burial at landfills: hazardous waste that is explosive, corrosive, oxidizable, highly flammable or flammable in landfill conditions; mercury-containing lamps and devices; lithium, lead-acid batteries; electronic and electrical equipment.

To reduce the possible negative impact on the environment and human health, due to the content of harmful substances in the composition of electrical and electronic equipment, it is necessary to use the available waste collection points of electronic and electrical equipment for the disposal and processing of waste from the production of this equipment.

The management of the Technodom, Alser, Ramstor retail chains provides collection points for electrical equipment by placing eco-boxes and are further disposed of through specialized companies.

It is accepted as waste: household appliances (televisions, tape recorders, electric toys, irons, energy-saving lamps, batteries, hair dryers, kitchen equipment, including refrigerators, etc.), office equipment (computers and accessories, cell phones, tablets, copiers, scanners, toners, etc.), mercury-containing waste (fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, thermometers, etc.).


The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in order to promote environmental education of Kazakhstanis, expresses confidence in the correct disposal of electronic and electrical equipment and the consciousness of residents of the city of Almaty and the Almaty region.