The NGO "Local Trade Union "Energia" and the Branch "Trade Union" Almaty Electric Stations "of the Public Association" Local Trade Union "Energia" unites 2,736 trade union members with a total number of employees in JSC "AlES" - 3,106 people.
During 2019, the NGO "Local Trade Union "Energia" and the Branch "Trade Union" AlES " did the following work:
- children of employees of JSC "Ales" acquired the children's Christmas gifts and organized children's Christmas tree with theatrical performances;
- pensioners JSC "Ales" in the amount of 1 134 people to the Day of the elderly person, charitable assistance was provided in the amount of 30 000 tenge to each pensioner (including experience in the energy industry);
- also during Union meetings on the outcome of the primary trade Union organizations of the departments of JSC "Ales" for 2018;
- soldiers internationalists 29 people in connection 30 anniversary of a withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, paid one-time fee of 30 000 tenge to each employee and non-working pensioners;
- for 8 March women workers and retired women JSC "Ales" (working women were 667 people, women, seniors 471 people, just 1138 women) paid one-time fee of $ 18.9 million tenge. Congratulations to women workers were organized at the expense of the trade union (tea parties were organized);
-in April, festive events for the staff of JSC "AlES" dedicated to the celebration of "Nauryz Meiramy"were organized and held at the expense of the trade union. The celebration of Nauryz conducted in the territories of the Head office and production departments of JSC "Ales" with the participation of the entire personnel of JSC "Ales" (a celebratory dinner, performances by Amateur artists of JSC "Ales");
- in the month of April we purchased and planted 57 trees (birch) in the children's camp "Edelweiss";
- Victory Day 9 May second world war 1941-1945.g., a celebration of war veterans, veterans of the labor front, the soldiers and participants of the liquidation of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (67 people). Participants of the Great Patriotic War, home front workers and persons equated to them, were paid a one-time remuneration in the amount of 3.3 million tenge with the delivery of food baskets (40 non-working pensioners per 15,000 tenge per food basket);
-the celebration of Eid al-Adha was organized at the expense of the trade union. - about 400 children and grandchildren of employees of JSC "AlES" had a rest in the children's camp "Edelweiss";
- with the participation of the Branch "Trade Union "AlES", the work of the production Council for safety and labor protection was organized. Practical assistance is constantly provided in the work of technical inspectors on labor protection (19 people). The state of labor protection is monitored in the production departments of JSC "AlES";
-in April, the results of the review competition for the best labor protection enterprise were summed up. According to the results of the review-competition, it was awarded:
1) I-th place with the presentation of a Diploma, a Cup and a cash prize in the amount of 50,000 tenge to the staff of the production department of Cascade HPP of JSC "AlES";
2) the II-th place with the presentation of a Diploma and a cash prize in the amount of 40,000 tenge to the staff of the production department of TPP-3 of JSC "AlES";
3) The III-th place with the presentation of a Diploma and a monetary award in the amount of 30,000 tenge to the staff of the production department of the CPVT of JSC "AlES";
-sports competitions in mini-football, volleyball and other sports are held in the production departments of JSC "AlES". 450,000 tenge was allocated for the purchase of sports uniforms and sports equipment for sports teams of departments of JSC "AlES";
- sports teams of JSC " AlES "in August 2019 took part in the sports contest" Samruk-Kazyna "in Shymkent;
- the trade union provides assistance in the work of the youth organization of JSC" AlES ""Zharkyn Bolashak". A charity event was held for the pupils of the orphanage No. 1 of the Bostandyk district (cultural and entertainment program, festive lunch, gifts);
- children's drawing contests were organized. The children, the winners of the contest, were awarded with Diplomas and valuable gifts. In the assembly hall of CHPP-1, children were congratulated and treated to a festive lunch. All children presented with gifts;
- employees of JSC "Ales" for their children and grandchildren are allocated seats in the departmental trade Union kindergartens "Balbobek", "Sun" and "Happi Land" at a reduced cost;
- JSC "Ales" a Collective agreement 2019-2022 G. G., which provides social protection of employees of the company, by implementing the norms of the social package for employees, the issuance of special clothing, footwear and PPE, establishing surcharges for harmful working conditions, additional holidays, etc. which improve the existing labour legislation and other normative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Collective agreement printed in the Russian and Kazakh languages and distributed in all departments of JSC "Ales";
the Branch of the "Union "Ales" was considered the applications and the treatment of employees of JSC "Ales" on wages, creating room for eating in the workplace, the acquisition of household equipment, etc.
- during the year at a meeting of the conciliation Committee of JSC "Ales" reviewed 5 statements, and on which decisions were made to protect the interests of employees of JSC "Ales";
- the Chairmen of trade Union organizations regularly visit the jobs of workers in the production departments of JSC "Ales" to maintain a healthy moral and psychological climate among employees;
- OO "Local Union "Energy" and the Branch of "Union "Ales" work closely with the Republican Public Association "Kazakhstan industry trade Union of power engineers" and Territorial Association of trade unions "trade Union center of Almaty".