Atmospheric air protection: It is planned to carry out work to maintain the degree of cleaning of ash traps at boiler units of stations, repair burners of boiler units, emulsifiers, anticorrosion works, replace metal structures, pipes, worn surfaces, eliminate violations in the technological cycle at boiler units of TPP-1, 2, 3 , dedusting  of the fuel supply path, carrying out operational adjustment on boiler units.


Planned costs of 665 million tenge.


Protection and rational use of water resources: Measures are planned for the repair and replacement of ash pipelines, pumping equipment in the boiler room, turbine, chemical workshops, treatment facilities of TPP-1, to reduce water losses during the transportation of ash and slag waste to TPP-2 and TPP-3, repair industrial systems (baggage, cooling towers) at TPP-2.


Planned costs 194 million tenge.


Protection of land resources, rational use of mineral resources, flora and fauna:

Work is underway to replace worn-out pipelines to prevent the spill of ash and slag waste and pulp, landscaping the territories of administrative-territorial units, increasing the area of green spaces at TPP-1, and reclamation of degraded territories at TPP-2, TPP-3.


Planned costs 117 million tenge.


Management of production and consumption waste, radiation, biological and chemical safety: It is planned to carry out reconstruction and expansion of the ash dump at TPP-2, to prevent dusting of ash dumps at TPP-1, 2, 3, and to put in for disposal solid waste, mercury-containing lamps and other hazardous waste departments of CHPP-1, 2, 3, ZTK, Kapshagai  hydroelectric station, Cascade hydroelectric power station, PRP «Energoremont» .


Planned costs of 2 566 million tenge.