The collective agreement of Almaty Electric Power Stations JSC for 2019-2022, based on Article 156 of the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was developed by members of a bilateral commission formed by the Employer and the Branch of the "AlES Trade Union "of the NGO" Local Trade Union "Energia". Date of registration of the Collective Agreement No. 11M dated June 11, 2019 Department of Social Welfare of Almaty.

The purpose of the adoption of the Collective Agreement is the development and regulation of social and labor relations between the Employer and the Labor Collective of JSC AlES, as well as the inclusion in the collective agreement of a social package that improves the norms of legislative and regulatory acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The interests of the labor collective of JSC " AlES "during the adoption of the Collective Agreement and during its validity are represented by the Branch "Trade Union" AlES "of the Public Association "Local Trade Union"Energia".

The Collective Agreement clearly defines the obligations of the Employer of JSC AlES to resolve labor and socio-economic issues of the members of the Labor Collective on the one hand, and the obligations of the members of the labor collective to ensure the rights and interests of the Employer, on the other hand.

The collective agreement of JSC "AlES" applies to all members of the labor collective of JSC "AlES".

The collective agreement is based on the principles of voluntary acceptance of mutual obligations, the reality of their provision and mandatory fulfillment.

In accordance with the Collective Agreement, the AlES Trade Union Branch has the right to:

* representation and protection of labor and socio-economic rights and interests of members of the labor collective of JSC "AlES";

* requesting and receiving from the Employer complete and reliable information necessary for collective bargaining, monitoring the implementation of the Collective Agreement, compliance with labor legislation, trade unions, labor safety and health;

* approval of amendments and additions to the current Collective Agreement with the Employer;

* unhindered visits to the workplaces of members of the labor collective of JSC "AlES"in the person of their representatives. The norms of the Collective Agreement of JSC "AlES" stipulate that the Parties undertake:

* strictly comply with the terms of the Collective Agreement;

* to build their relations on the basis of the principles of social partnership, equality and respect for the interests of the parties, to avoid confrontation, to resolve all disputed issues only in JSC "AlES" through negotiations and consultations;

* ensure the priority of the life and health of Employees in production activities;

* ensure equal rights and opportunities for Employees, prevent any form of discrimination based on origin, social, official and property status, gender, nationality, language, attitude to religion, beliefs, place of residence or any other circumstances.

The collective agreement of JSC "AlES" includes 13 sections. These are the sections of the Collective Agreement on the regulation of labor relations, working time and rest time, remuneration, conditions of safety and labor protection, material liability of the parties, types of incentives and social guarantees, etc., which are set out in more detail in the annexes to these sections.


The Regulation on labor relations in JSC "AlES" provides for expanded and improved guarantees for employees who provide them with normal working conditions in the enterprise, etc.