Arginbayeva Asel Amantayevna - Managing director for economics and finance

Date of birth – 24.03.1975

Citizenship- The Republic of Kazakhstan

Higher education: Kazakh State Academy of Management, graduation year-1996.

Specialty-finance and credit, banking, economist.

The number and share of shares owned by affiliated companies-does not matter

Work experience:

2020 - present-Managing Director for Economics and Finance of JSC "AlES";
11.2017-2019-Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for Economics and Finance-Member of the Management Board;
2015-11.2017-Managing Director for Economics of JSC "AlES";

2012-2015 - – head of Department of economy of JSC "Ales";
2011-2012 – Deputy head of Department budget, tariffs and economic analysis JSC "Almaty electric stations";
2006-2011 – Deputy General Director for Finance LLP "MedeuResort";
2005-2006 – financial Director of LLP "Miracle";
2005 – financial analyst of JSC "Urker Cosmetics";
2004 – the economist "LLP Samat Show Technics";
2002-2004 – economist of the Department for planning and execution of the budget of the Department of economic analysis and planning JSC "AirKazakhstan";
1997-1998 lead inspector, the Manager on work with staff of the Almaty regional branch of the Peoples Bank of Kazakhstan.


2015-Certificate of Honor of JSC "Samruk-Energo";
2016-Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
2017-Certificate of Honor of the Kazakhstan Electric Power Association

The range of issues that the Company is responsible for

Manages, controls the quality and timeliness of work, document management and reporting in the following areas of the Company's activities:
1)ensuring the development of financial and economic policy and strategy for its implementation, aimed at ensuring financial stability, increase production, increase productivity, efficiency and profitability of production, reduce the cost;
2) the implementation of the General management of the work on the preparation of promising and current financial plans, tariff estimates and calculations and budgets of funds, informing indicators of the approved plans and budgets and the resulting tasks, limits and ratios to structural divisions of the company;
3) submission of applications for approval of tariffs, tariff estimates for services Companies, support their passage in Kramsk of the city and region;
4) identifying sources of funding, the organization works to raise funds to Finance the investment program of JSC "Ales", in cooperation with the Managing Director of development and transformation;
5) implementation of the General management efforts to improve the company's Accounting policies, tax planning and tax optimization, in preparing and conducting securities issuance, analyzing and evaluating the investment attractiveness of projects and the feasibility of investing, regulating the ratio of equity and debt capital;
6) ensure the preparation and presentation of the Sole shareholder of Companies reporting on financial and economic activities of the company, the implementation of the development plan on the forms and within the time specified, the Sole shareholder of the company;
7) ensuring the observance of financial discipline, control over the performance targets, the state, movement and target using funds, results of financial and economic activities, implementation of tax and other liabilities;
8) organization of a comprehensive economic analysis and evaluation of production and economic activities of the company and its subsidiaries, development of measures on the use of internal reserves, conducting certification and rationalization of jobs;
9) organization of interaction with the authorized body in the sphere of natural monopolies;
10) cooperation with banks, auditing firms, and other financial organizations;
11) the preparation of the consolidated audited annual financial statements of the company;
12) accounts receivable and payable under the contracts;
13) the development of rational forms of planning, accounting and reporting documentation used in Society and the widespread introduction of modern means of automated control systems and hardware and software for the economic calculations in the field of planning, accounting and analysis of economic activity;
14) publishing of instructions within its competence;
15) exercise other powers under the orders of the Chairman of the Board of the company, decisions of the Board and of the Board of Directors of the company.
Manages and supervises the work:

  • Department of Economics;
  • Accounting and Reporting Departments;
  • Treasury departments.

The Managing Director for Economics and Finance is functionally subordinate to the Managing Directors of the Company's production departments in terms of the tasks and functions performed in the production departments by planning and economic divisions and accounting services.