ALES - Industrial repair company

remontnoe Industrial Repair Company (IRC) “Energoremont” was established in May 1980.

IRC “Energoremont” began operating since February 15, 2007 as a part of “Almaty Power Stations”, JSC following the reorganization of “Almaty Power Consolidated”, JSC.

The main operating activities: IRC “Energoremont” performs the main types of repair works for “AlES”, JSC and includes production facilities located at the industrial site of CHP Plant 2, as well as repair shops and bays located within the territory of such departments as CHP Plant 1, CHP Plant 2, CHP Plant 3, and WHC.

IRC performs planned repairs and maintenance of the following equipment installed in the power plants and boilers houses, namely:

  1. Repairs of the equipment installed in boiler houses and fuel transportation shops, as well as full maintenance of all auxiliary facilities of CHP Plants 1, 2, and 3.
  2. Repairs of the basic (CHP Plant 2, CHP Plant 3) and auxiliary turbine complex (CHP Plant 1, CHP Plant 2, CHP Plant 3), as well as repairs of the equipment installed in chemical shops;
  3. Boiler cleaning works at the power generating equipment of CHP Plant 1, CHP Plant 2, CHP Plant 3;
  4. Repairs of electric motors and oil-break switches (CHP Plants 1 and 2), as well as repairs of all lifting facilities (CHP Plants 1 and 2);
  5. Repair of pumping facilities, basic and auxiliary facilities of WHC;
  6. Repair operations with automatic equipment and measuring facilities at CHP Plant 1 and 2;
  7. All repair operations with bricking and covering at CHP Plant 1;
  8. Repairs of transformers with a capacity of 6- 10 kV;
  9. Repairs operations with buildings and premises of IRC “Energoremont”.


Location: 221, Bayzakova Street, Almaty

Tel. / fax: (+7727) 378-07-61 / 378-07-69