ALES - west heat complex

ztk The foundations of West Heat Complex (WHC) were laid on November 26, 1963. In the same year two water-heating boilers were installed and commissioned and during the period from 1964 to 1967 one more water-heating and five steam boilers were put into operation. The boiler house was subordinated to Almaty Cotton Plant and delivered the heat and steam to this Plant and west districts of Alma-Ata city.

In 1972 the boiler house became a part of AlmaAty District Heating Operator (ADHO) and was named as West District Boiler House. Thereafter in 1973 one more water-hearing boiler was installed. While the city was developed, its need for heat supply was developed too. One more boiler department which has four water-heating boilers was built during the period from 1975 to 1978 for the purpose of need satisfaction. This department was named as South-Western District Boiler House.

Heating mains CHP Plant 2 – West District Boiler House Dy = 800 mm and 1,000 mm were laid within the period from 1978 to 1980 and Central Heat Distribution Center (CHDC), to which seven heat mains providing the city with heat and hot water are currently connected, was put into operation. 2/3 of water circulating in urban heating networks flows through CHDC which is, in fact, a “thermal heart” of Almaty city.

In the early 1980s west districts of the city were actively developed, and at the same time the Capital Construction Management of the Municipal Executive Committee decided to build one more boiler department. The first and second phase of construction of New West District Boiler House (NWDBH) which became a part of ADHO was completed in 1986 and 1988 respectively. In 1998 the structural subdivision WHC was formed as a part of the APC department “Heat Distribution Company”, and in September 2000 it became a separate department – APC WHC.

West Heat Complex began operating since February 15, 2007 as a part of “Almaty Power Stations”, JSC following the reorganization of “Almaty Power Consolidated”, JSC.

Location: 308, Tole bi str., Almaty

Tel. / fax: (+7727) 256-56-78 / 256-94-29