Almaty CHP plant 2

tec2 panorama

The construction of Almaty CHP Plant 2 was begun in 1974 with a designed capacity of 240 thousand kW within the first phase. The Plant was buried 12 meters down for the purpose of seismic safety improvement. Earthquake-resistant boiler units with an evaporative capacity of 420 t/hour were put into operation for the first time in the country. Three steam boilers BKZ-420-140-7С and three steam turbines PT-80/100-130/13 were commissioned during the period from 1980 to 1983.

gradirni tec2 The second phase of construction was performed within the period from 1985 to 1989. During the same period four steam boilers BKZ- 420-140-7С, one steam turbine Р-50-130/13 and two steam turbines Т-110/120-130-5 were put into operation. The installed capacity of the Plant amounts to the following indicators: • Electric power capacity – 510 MW • Heat power capacity – 1,176 Gcal/h CHP Plant operates according to the heat consumption schedule and generates additional electric power in the steam-condensing mode. The heat is delivered to the West Heat Complex by heating mains Dy = 800 mm and 1,000 mm. The hot water supply system is direct. The special temperature chart for heat delivery provides the maximum temperature of heating-system water of up to 1,350 0C in winter and 700 0C in summer. CHP Plant 2 began operating since February 15, 2007 as a part of “Almaty Power Stations”, JSC following the reorganization of “Almaty Power Consolidated”, JSC.

Location: Algabas village, Karasay district, Almaty region

Tel. / fax: (+7727) 250-31-40 / 250-31-55