Almaty CHP plant 1

tec1 The engineering and construction of Alma-Aty Central Power Plant (nowadays, CHP Plant 1) was begun in 1931. And the first facility was put under industrial load on October 25, 1935. It has generated 1.8 million kW*h of electric power for 1935. And nowadays this is an electric power output per day of station operation. However, the commissioning of turbine was a great event for Alma-Aty in the mid-40s. Three boilers and three turbines were installed by 1940. The general capacity is 10.5 MW. Another two turbines and one boiler were commissioned prior to 1946. It was an end of the first phase of power plant construction. Two boilers and turbine No. 6 with a capacity of 6.3 MW were put into operation during the period from 1953 to 1954 within the second phase. The third and fourth phases of development deal with electric/heat output ratio. In 1957 the middle pressure boiler and cogeneration turbine AT-12 with a capacity of 12 MW were mounted. Two high pressure boilers BKZ-160-100 and turbine with steam delivery to industrial consumers and water preheaters of turbine Р-25-90/18 were installed and put into operation during the period from 1960 to 1961. In 1960 the Alma-Aty Central Power Plant was renamed as Alma-Aty Combined Heat and Power Plant. The heat power was generated for the first time by Alma-Aty CHP Plant in the fourth quarter of 1961. The fourth phase of Alma-Aty CHP Plant development was ended with installation of two water-heating boilers during the period from 1966 to 1967. The fifth phase of plant development was designed with due regard to the general plan for the development of Alma-Aty city. Two turbines with steam extraction for water heating and its delivery to industrial consumers were installed in CHP Plant within the period from 1969 to 1972.
tec11 Four boilers BKZ-160-100 and two water-heating boilers PTVM-100 with a capacity of 100 Gcal/hour were mounted. At the end of 2000 the outdated and ineffective equipment was put out of operation and dismounted. Three steam turbines – one turbine is Р-25-90/18 and two turbines are PT-60-90/13 – with total capacity of 145 MW, six high pressure steam boilers BKZ-160-100 and seven waterheating boilers PTVM-100 with a capacity of 100 Gcal/hour are active. CHP Plant 1 began operating since February 15, 2007 as a part of “Almaty Power Stations”, JSC following the reorganization of “Almaty Power Consolidated”, JSC.

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