Reconstruction of facilities in 2012

Results of investment obligations with respect to “Almaty Power Stations” JSC for 2012

Activities with respect to replacement, modernization, reconstruction, technical reequipment of available assets, new construction, as well as control of current production level, were performed in the amount of 17.3 bln. tenge in the “AlES” JSC according to the Agreement on investment obligations, signed with the Ministry of Industry and New technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Agency on Regulation of Natural Monopolies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, approved by the joint decree “On approval of investment program of Joint-Stock Company “Almaty Power Stations” for 2011-2012”.

The following main activities were performed for the purposes of performance of Investment obligations:

- “KazRosEnergoProject” LLP developed the feasibility study in 2012. “Reconstruction and development of “AlES” JSC CHP Plant 2 with conversion to gas and installation of gas-turbine plant”.

- “Sediment control in the tail water of Kapchagay HEP Plant”. Commencement of construction works, as a result of which the expected reduced level of tail water made possible to generate more electric power in the Kapchagay HEP Plant by an average of 16 mln. kWh per year.



- Projects with respect to groundwater development of Almaty deposit at CHP Plant 1 and CHP Plant 2 were developed. Expected result – cost saving to the amount of 72.2 mln. tenge.

- Development of industrial water intake of CHP Plant 3 from the Pokrov groundwater deposit was finished. Four development wells with 400 m3 total production of source water were drilled.

- Water metering devices were installed on main pipelines of Hydroelectric Power Chain (1 stages).

- Reconstruction of heat- and hydro-power equipment at CHP Plant 1, CHP Plant 2, CHP Plant 3, Kapchagay HEP Plant and Hydroelectric Power Chain was performed in order to replace the physically worn-out equipment and increase its lifetime, and also:

  • Magnetic water-level indicators were installed in the drums of boiler units and high-pressure heaters of turbines at CHP Plant 1, CHP Plant 2, CHP Plant 3 in order to increase operation reliability of boiler units and high-pressure heaters of turbines.
  • Reconstruction of equipment for 220 kV switchgear was commenced at Kapchagay HEP Plant.
  • Overhaul repairs, complete disassembly and instrument inspection of hydraulic unit No. 1 were performed for determination of remaining lifetime of department of Kapchagay HEP Plant, as well as in order to increase reliability of power supply to the power consumers through the lifetime renovation of tools and components of hydraulic unit and hydraulic generator.



- Reconstruction and development of ash-disposal area at CHP Plant 3. Activities with respect to development of “Small” field of section No. 4 was began to be performed in order to prevent plant from shutting down by reason of absence of place for intake and collection of ash and slag for the period of 2013-2015.



- Installation of 3 emulsifiers (at CHP Plant 2 and CHP Plant 3) was completed within the framework of performance of Investment obligations. Requirement of environmental authorities were satisfied, efficiency factors of ash-extraction plants were increased, gross emissions of harmful substances (ash) were reduced and negative impact on region environment was reduced. Reduction of ash emissions at 3 boiler units amounted to 5270 ton per year.



- Modernization of boiler burner units was performed at CHP Plant 1 and CHP Plant 3 in order to reduce the nitrogen oxides emission.



- Combined ash and slag disposal system at CHP Plant 2 (3rd stage) Performance of construction works. Activities with respect to preparation of new containers for ashdisposal areas were began to be performed.



- Reconstruction of turbine generator outputs, replacement of generator circuit-breaker with sulfur-hexafluoride switches, circuit-breaker are performed at CHP Plant 2 in order to increase reliability of power supply to the consumers and provide the safe working conditions for operating personnel. - Reconstruction of ventilating cooling towers at plant No. 1 -4 of CHP Plant 3 was completed.



- Bowl mill MVS-125А plant No. 11 “В” of department at CHP Plant 1 was replaced.